Going Mobile - Engaging Audiences via the Mobile Web

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Workshop slidedeck from a presentation at the 2011 Performing Arts Exchange focusing on how performing arts presenters and artists can engage audiences via mobile devices.


  • 1. David Dombrosky, Dombrosky Arts Consulting [email_address] 2011 Performing Arts Exchange Baton Rouge, Louisiana Going Mobile:Engaging Audiences via the Mobile Web

2. What is the Mobile Web? 3.

  • 3 Drivers:
  • Access
  • Behavior
  • Expectation

Why Do We Need to Engage? 4. We cant afford to engage with mobile. Not true. You most likely already participate in mobilized online environments. 5.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • iTunes
  • Google Maps
  • Press sites

Common Mobilized Online Tools 6.

  • QR = quick response
  • Bar codes can be linked to content
  • QR Code readers are free
  • Generators are also free

QR Codes 7.

  • What QR Codes Can Do
  • What QR Codes Cant Do
  • Browse to or bookmark your website or a specific webpage.
  • Create an address book entry.
  • Post atweeton Twitter.
  • Send a call, text, or email.
  • Create a calendar event.
  • Generate free format text.
  • Play video or audio
  • Collect data.
  • Auto-fill form fields with users info after following QR code generated link.
  • Contain more than a few thousandcharacters .
  • Replace traditional marketing efforts.

QR Codes -- FromThe Arts Administrators Guide To Becoming A QR Code Superhero 8.

  • FourSquare what is it?
  • Claim your venue or brand
  • Ask visitors to check-in
  • Promotions
  • Cross-promote with nearby businesses
  • Event check-insare coming soon
  • Example:Durham Performing Arts Center

Location-Based Social Networks 9. Look for Apps You Can Tie Into

  • User-generated or self-generated content
  • Partner programs


  • Currently over 233 billion websites on the Internet
  • In 2010, just over 3 million of them were mobile-friendly
  • Accessible from all types of mobile devices
  • Require access to the Internet (3G, WiFi, etc.)
  • Live example Richland Performing Arts Center

Mobile Websites 11.

  • Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate
  • Keep images to a minimum
  • Test your site on a number of mobile devices
  • Create a separate mobile site
    • For example:m.richlandpac.com instead of www.richlandpac.com
    • Consider using services like MoFuse
  • Redirect mobile users to your mobile site

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly 12.

  • Software designed for a mobile device smartphones or tablet computers
  • Connectivity
  • Platform-specific
  • Unique, interactive experience

Mobile Apps 13. Example of a Presenter App: 14.

  • Think local
    • Case Study : Long Center in Austin, TX
  • Cultural app developers
    • Instant Encore
    • Cloudtix

Mobile App Developers 15.

  • What do your patrons or fans want from their mobile experience with your organization?
  • What types of content do you already have to use?
  • What budget level do you have to devote to mobile engagement? Can you leverage other resources or relationships?

Things to Think About 16. Questions?