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UV disinfection technology uses ultra-violet rays to remove infection and purify the subjected matter. The equipments are useful for disinfection of materials such as food, solutions, especially drinking water.

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UV Disinfection Equipment Market - Allied Market Research

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Published Date: 18 March 2014

Published Date : 07 April 2014

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Global 3D Technology Market Overview

Global 3D Technology Market by Products

Global 3D Technology Market by Applications

Global 3D Technology Market by Geography

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UV disinfection technology uses ultra-violet rays to remove infection and purify the subjected matter. The equipments are useful for disinfection of materials such as food, solutions, especially drinking water.

UV disinfection technology prohibits threat from hazardous Cryptosporidium and Giardia. There is increasing need of disinfection from industries such as food & beverages, water treatment, chemical and others. The technology assists municipal corporations, offices, and hotels in order to match regulatory requirements related to human hygiene. The study highlights the key opportunity areas to stakeholders and discusses top-winning strategies.

Major factors driving the market are regulations from various governments, cost efficiency, etc. The market faces limitations due to safety concerns of using UV rays for food disinfection. However, the market can estimate opportunities due to growth in healthcare and chemical industries.

The study explains advantage received due to UV disinfection, which also elaborates about future prospects to stakeholders with the help of detailed market dynamics.Value chain and Porters five forces analysis helps to acknowledge degree of market attractiveness and assists in decision making, while short-listing industry partners or planning mergers and acquisition activitiesScientifically forecast market data, along with above mentioned factors facilitates organizations in effective business planningThere is an emphasis laid on trends and opportunities in various geographies so that companies can make region specific plans with due consideration of behavioral, regional and economical attributes


UV Disinfection Market Analysis

UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Applications

Based on end-user applications, market is classified according to water treatment, wastewater treatment, air treatment and food & beverages disinfection. The water treatment applications are further categorized as per their end-user domain such as municipal, domestic/residential, commercial and others. Water treatment application is expected to continue driving the market in future. Need of water purification according to government standards is triggering increased adoption of UV disinfection.

UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Geography

On geographical basis, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). The North American region is leading the market and expected to continue driving market revenue due to higher health & hygiene concerns in USA. However, with improving lifestyle across world, some Asian, Middle East and African countries are expected to show increased adoption.

Competitive Landscape

To capitalize on the market, numerous big pocket companies are expanding by Merger and acquisition activities. there is stiff competition in the market among players such as Calagon Carbon Corporation, Aquionics, Hydro-Photon, Severn Trent Services, Trojan Technologies, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, Xylem, Inc., Enaqua, Advanced UV, Inc. and Green Water Technologies.

High Level Analysis

The study provides detailed analysis of the market using Porters five forces model. Threat of new entrants is estimated to be high due to moderate cost of capital. Degree of intersegment rivalry is expected to increase due to presence of numerous players in the market. Degree of bargaining power of customers is high due to increasing number of sophisticated products from market leaders. Threat of substitutes is moderate as conventional disinfection systems are closely competent.

Competitive Landscape & High Level Analysis


Foods and Beverages Disinfection


Air Treatment


Surface Disinfection

Water Treatment



Wastewater Treatment


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