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<ol><li> 1. Global Personals / Making the World a Better PlaceGlobal Personals have almost a decades worth of experience within the social discovery market. Overthis time business has boomed, with the annual profits of Global Personals today reaching $74 million.As pioneers of the social discovery market, Global Personals have a commitment to improving the onlinesocial experience of their members, which in turn improves peoples relationships and therefore lives. Asa demonstration of their dedication to improving lives, Global Personals are also actively involved inraising both funds and awareness for a number of charities, including donating a percentage of their ownprofits to a selected charitable organisation each year.The Global Giving scheme which operates through Global Personals is run by a team of volunteerswho are each engaged in raising funds for a variety of charities across the globe. For starters, GlobalPersonals donate a minimum of 1% of all profits to a nominated charity each year. In 2013 the chosenfund is Vivis Venture. Awareness raising is equally as important as fundraising when it comes to charity,which is why Global Personals donate not only money but also space on their own website to promotethe fund and inform their members as to where and how the money is used. The dedicated Vivis VentureGlobal Giving page can be accessed here.Over the past eighteen months alone Global Personals have been able to provide over 40,000 worth offunding to worthwhile UK-based causes, including both Macmillan and Marie Curie Cancer Care, Savethe Children and many more local projects such as the East Berkshire Womens Aid, ThamesHospicecare and the ArbourValeSchool. On top of the yearly donations from the profits of GlobalPersonals the Global Giving volunteers organise fundraising events across the country to secure evenmore much needed cash for the chosen charities.Reaching out to others is one way in which we can all help to make the world a better place. GlobalPersonals provide a platform for people all across the planet to make new friends, search for romance orsimply chat online to new and interesting people. Membership to a Global Personals site helps tosupport charities as well as changing the lives of its own members on a daily basis.</li></ol>