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A quick getting started step by step presentation to get you registered and twittering.


  • 1.Getting started with twitter
    Maggie Verster
    BSc HED BEd Hons A+ CIW Associate

2. I
Use twitter to introduce your yourself and your brand.

  • Go to (or type it into the address bar)

3. Click onSign UpYou can access Twitter from your mobile phone by going to your mobile browser and typing in
4. Type in your:

  • Full names (Twitter is about real people!)

5. Username (Make it relevant) 6. Password (choose something that you will remember) 7. E-mail address. 8. Tick e-mail find- this way your regular e-mail friends can find you. 9. Click on Create my account Peter Carrot
It is a good idea to always read the Terms of Service before you sign up

  • Type in the two word (capcha) exactly as displayed.

11. If you cant make it out 12. Ask for new words to be displayed 13. Listen to the words 14. Click on Finishthe decamp
A capcha makes sure that you re a human being and hampers unauthorised accounts being created.
15. By following people that have the same interests as you or industry leaders and brands, you can create a powerful learning/marketingnetwork on the fly.
You can skip this step by just clicking on Next step at the bottom of your screen.

  • See who of your friends / colleagues are already using twitter

You can skip this step by just clicking on Next step at the bottom of your screen.

  • Search for a specific person (competition/brand)

You can skip this step by just clicking on Next step at the bottom of your screen.

  • Check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from Twitter.

19. Click on the confirmation link contained in the e-mail. 20. You will now be able to receive direct messages directly to your e-mail inbox.You will still be able to use Twitter even if you have not confirmed your e-mail.
Activating your e-mail will give you access to many other services on twitter
21. Make sure that you adjust your basic settings...

  • Click on Settings Account

22. Your real name, username and e-mailwill be filled in already 23. Change your time zone to(GMT+2) Pretoria 24. Choose if you want others to see your location (you will then be able to locate others near you) 25. You can choose to protect your updates, but then you will only be marketing to yourself.You still need to update your Profile.....
26. Not updating your Profile settings is like leaving your house without putting clothes on......

  • Click on Settings Profile

27. Upload a photo of yourself 28. You can adjust your name. Be real! 29. Where are you based? 30. Insert your /organisations web address or blog. 31. Say something about yourself that will give potential clients a sense of what you do/are interested in/your brand.Peter Carrot
Pretoria South Africa
Love eating, cooking ,growing and selling carrots
Make sure that your Bio is professional and take your privacy into account.
32. Go ahead, tell us about who you are, what you do and what you are passionate about. Remember you only have 140 characters!

  • Start typing

33. You will see how many characters you have left next to the Tweet button 34. Your current location 35. Click on the Tweet button to sendI promote healthy livingby selling the juiciest of carrots, that last the longest at the best price!
If you cannot say it in 140 characters, feel free to do a few tweets.tweet tweet..
Think before you tweet- ALWAYS!!!!
36. DO:

  • Use good language

37. Share valuable resources that supports your brand. 38. Ask questions and give answers/opinions/support. 39. Think before you tweet! 40. Add value to your networkSome recipes to use with your carrots

  • Use ALL CAPS (it is screaming)

41. Tweet in an altered state 42. Forget to credit those tweets that you are passing on (re-tweeting- RT) 43. Demean or critise othersRemember that your tweets are very public and reflect on you as a person and as a representative of a brand.
44. Tweets are in reverse chronological order, according to time, with the newest at the top.

  • If you click on Home (top right) andTimeline, you will see all the tweets of the people you are following.

45. If you want to reply to orretweeta tweet, hover your curser over itto see the Reply or Retweet options or add @theotherpersonsusernameto your tweet. 46. To read anybodys tweets, click on their twitter name or picture read on the pane to the right. (or click the arrow to the right)If you want to find a specific tweet again you can mark it as a favourite, using the star (Favourite) option below the tweet.
47. Re-tweeting is a way to pass on valuable links and resources from your network to your followers
RT @kjarrettRT@shareski RE: PLCs. "If everything is mandated and structured. It fails.

  • Hover curser over tweet

48. Click on Retweetbelow it will post the whole tweet to your timeline. 49. Or addRT for retweet(it is short!) in front of the @persons name.Re-tweetingpeoples tweets also make them aware that you value their contribution and they will probably follow you, building a stronger network
50. The value of retweeting is that you become a filter for your followers and create relationships for a powerful network.

  • Check the resources first before passing it on!

51. Think if you REALLY want to pass it on!Re-tweeting means that you value the information and feel that it is worthwhile to pass on. It adds value to your followers experience.
52. Who should I follow?

  • Your colleagues/clients

53. Someone I can learn/share with/from 54. The competition 55. An expert in myfield 56. Someone?How?

  • Type name in search window

57. Click search 58. Click on the People tab 59. Look if itis the person that you want to follow 60. Click Followto follow!!!!!!Important to read the persons Bio orblog and look at their tweets before you decide to follow him or her.

  • Click on Messages at the top

62. Click on the person and type message 63. Click on New Message 64. Start typing a name and selectthe person from the dropdown 65. Type your message Send 66. Or add d @personnameto any tweetAriellah
Is the conference worthwhile?
You can only send DMs to someone whoisfollowing you.
Yourintended person will receive the twitter in his/her e-mail inbox as well!
67. Keep in contact and build a network or community of practice by...

  • Following theconference hashtag#3smm11 on (search for it or click here in your browser:!/search/3smm11

68. Follow the conference handle for news and posts: 69. Visit the conference blog: where you can leave questions and commentson the Speakers topic pages here: 70. Connect with me (Maggie Verster) if you want to learn more about social media tools, instructional design, online communities of page: