Getting Started with Twitter 3 - Commenter

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Strategies for Dealing with the CRF Session F266: Introduction to Clinical Data Management MAGI Clinical Research Conference West 2012

Getting Started with Twitter 3 - Commenter

Slideshare, 30 September 2012Mary K.D. DRozarioMSCR, CCRP, RAC, CCRAPresident / Clinical Research ConsultantClinical Research Performance,

We work for sites.Twitter Stages of Change 2.0: lurker, linker, Rter, Mter, commenter, opinionator, Oprah -@ranitmd2Selecting Your VoiceProfessional Center

Plus something personalExample: Cat pictures by Adam Serwer (liberal political commentator)

3Create your communityHashtagsYou can start a hashtag

Tweet chatsYou can start a tweet chat

Live Tweeting

Be a Twitter

4Brand You TweetingWriting a re-tweetable tweet.

Tweet conversations

Tweets that start with @ vs those that dont.

Opening the conversation using re-tweet vs other means.@soandso blah blah blah.@soandso blah blah blah

Direct Message (DM)

Live Tweeting5The thank you economy.Advertising: the 9:1 rule

Scheduling ads

How is my tweet-timing playing: