Getting Started with Twitter 2 - Repeater

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Strategies for Dealing with the CRF Session F266: Introduction to Clinical Data Management MAGI Clinical Research Conference West 2012

Getting Started with Twitter 2 - Repeater

Slideshare, 30 September 2012Mary K.D. DRozarioMSCR, CCRP, RAC, CCRAPresident / Clinical Research ConsultantClinical Research Performance,

We work for sites.Twitter Stages of Change 2.0: lurker, linker, Rter, Mter, commenter, opinionator, Oprah -@ranitmd2Make Twitter a task and not an obsession.Hootsuite.comFree for lite users.Web / iPad / SmartphoneEach one has to be set up independently (formatting one doesnt carry over to others)FeedsBy ListBy search itemMonitoring yourself.3Re-tweeting - whyCurate content for your followers.Demonstrate value or understanding with your comment.Be noticed by the re-tweetedGift to the re-tweeted4Re-tweeting- howRe-tweetingCant control itCant take it backRe-Tweet (RT) and Modified Tweet (MT)Other special words:byviaHat tip, HT, ^

5The thank you economy.Thanking followers and re-tweeters

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