Getting started with Google Analytics

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This is a brief introduction to Google Analytics, the free and popular solution for analyzing web traffic.


<ul><li>1.Getting started with Google Analytics John LeMasney LeMasney Consulting </li></ul> <p>2. Getting and installing the code Javascript, added to head tag of every page. visit Admin, then tracking info Easy to implement with tools like WordPress Relatively easy with PHP, etc. Can be more difficult with static HTML 3. Measurables Visitors: geography, language,frequency, technology. Traffic Sources: referrers and keywords. Content: Determine popular resources on your site. Goals: downloads, registrations and purchases. 4. Dashboard and customization Adjust the time range Compare two metrics Traffic: total, sources, and top keywords. Goal tracking: sales, subscriptions, downloads, comments Visitor behavior: page views, bounce rate, new vs. returning, and viewing times. 5. Determining business outcomes and setting goals Landing pages Feed subscriptions Call back requests Blog comments 6. Tracking very specific goals URL tagging tool com/analytics/answer/1033867? hl=en&amp;ref_topic=1032998 7. Reports and Alerts Changes in traffic (both positive and negative). Changes in goal conversion rates. High bounce rate. 8. Other engines for Analytics than GA Pinterest StumbleUpon Facebook Pages WordPress AWStats Google History Fitbit 9. Resources analytics-guide/ google-analytics/ </p>


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