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A Sevans Strategy whitepaper on getting started with Foursquare.


<ul><li>1.SOCIAL MEDIA WHITEPAPERS Get Started With FoursquareSigning UpStep 1: Go to to create a free account.Step 2: If signing up online, on the home page, click Join Now to be redirected to auser form to join the service.To sign up on a smart phone, download the application from the phones designatedapplication store. Foursquare offers the application on all major phone operatingsystems.Step 3: The first screen asks that you chose from two options: Join Now or Log In.Selecting Join Now takes you to the sign up form where you will enter basic informationand select a picture for your profile.Step 4: Once signed up, new users receive a confirmation email with an activation link.Once activated, when a new user opens their Foursquare application it asks to searchvarious outlets to find potential friends using the service.Locations, Checking-In, Leaving Tips, Badges and MayorshipsStep 1: Go to a locationFoursquare creates a robust system through crowd sourcing. Each location, at somepoint, was entered in and created by a user. This means a new user can create his/herown or check-in at any existing location.Step 2: Check-In 1 </li></ul> <p>2. SOCIAL MEDIA WHITEPAPERS A check-in means that a user is confirming his or her location on Foursquare. To checkin, hit the check-in button at the top of the home screen on the mobile application ortap a place via the Places page.The check-in page automatically aggregates locations based on your phones GPSsystem. Once you see your location on the screen, tap it to check in.Any given location check-in screen tells you the address, the mayor, how many tips andan option to see more information (an exact address and map of the location).Hitting the check in here button opens the check-in confirmation page where userscan leave comments with their check-ins. Users also have the option to share locationsthrough other networks (such as Twitter and Facebook) or check-in off the grid.Step 3: Leave a TipUsers can leave tips or recommendations to others visiting that location on Foursquare --for example, suggestions on what to order off the menu at a restaurant.Left: View tipsfrom thenavigation barRight: Tips bylocationTo leave a tip, a user must be on the check-in page at that location. On the bottomright in the tool bar, a small icon depicts a light bulb with a plus sign (Figure 3). When 2 3. SOCIAL MEDIA WHITEPAPERS clicked, it brings a user to another page with a dialogue box to leave tips (max of 200characters) and then confirm with the Leave Tip buttonStep 4: Earn BadgesSimilar to a Boy Scout or Girl Scouts merit badges, Foursquare offers badges as perksto individuals who achieve a certain required task within the social network. Not allbadges require the same pre-requisites. For instance, you receive a newbie badge atyour first check-in. Other badges are harder to obtain and some are only available for alimited time. Best advice would be to maintain a regular habit of checking in.Step 5: Become a MayorUnlike any other social network, Foursquare rewards users for exploring their city byawarding mayorships to the person who checks in the most at a location within a 60-day period. To increase your chances of becoming the mayor of a particular place,simply check-in every time you visit.Left: FromlocationRight: FromprofileNOTE: Foursquare has provisions in place to deter false check-ins and keep cheatersfrom stealing mayorships, so make sure you are at the correct location before checkingin if you intend on earning a mayorship. Also, a user must have a profile picture tobecome a mayor of any given location. 3 4. SOCIAL MEDIA WHITEPAPERS Tips1. Be weary of adding users you do not know.2. Be aware of where and when you check-in. As this is a social network others may also see your locations as well.3. Do not create your home as an exact location. If a user must make their house make it vague, maybe a street or a false address.4. Leave tips regularly.5. Make use of the specials that companies offer on their Foursquare location pages at unique locations.GlossaryCheck-in: When a user confirms his or her location in the Foursquare application.Mayor: The individual who checks-in the most at one location in a 60-day period.Off The Grid: Implies the checking-in and not sharing the information with anyone onFoursquare or any other social network.Tips: Leaving comments or words of advice on a specific location.To-Do: A feature of foursquare that allows you to keep track of all the tips and tasksyouve completed within the network. 4 </p>


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