Getting a Grip on Social Media

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Industry experts Chris Baggott, CoFounder and CEO of Compendium Blogware and Kyle Lacy, CEO of Brandswag discuss why consumers and marketers alike are obsessed with social media and how marketers are using this medium to generate demand and increase revenue: You Will Learn: 1. What social media should I spend my time and resources on? 2. How are businesses using social media to build engagement? 3. How are businesses leveraging blogging and social media to generate revenue?


  • Chris Baggott Co-Founder and CEO Compendium Blogware Kyle Lacy Co-Founder and CEO Brandswag
  • Consumers are changing People
  • Community Engagement Attention
  • What does this mean for customer communication strategies?
  • Universal McCann, Wave3
  • How do we utilize the future?
  • Where is your customer spending their time?
  • Go to them and start the conversation
  • Are you willing to participate in co-creation?
  • Goals
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Brand Development
    • Peer Recommendations
    • What is your audience looking for?
  • ROI of Social Media
  • Question and Answer Submit your questions via the text box provided!