Gaming Trends & Future Opportunities

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Jesse Janosov gave a presentation on Gaming Trends and Future Opportunities at YetiZen's San Francisco Game Developer's Workshop on October 24th.

Text of Gaming Trends & Future Opportunities

  • 1. Gaming Trends & Future Opportunities 10/24/13
  • 2. Jesse Janosov CEO, ?? VP of Games, Zynga CEO, Rivet Games, Inc. VP Product, Playdom Lightspeed Ventures Harvard University MBA Microsoft Games Studios University of Pennsylvania BSE CS Engineering BA Economics
  • 3. 10. New Geos become viable Fishing Joy > $200K/day in China alone 98% of Latin American population has mobile cell signal. Smartphones in India projected to be 67M this year and 382M by 2016.
  • 4. 9. Real Time Gaming Poker is the only real success here on mobile, but more will come. Mobile liquidity allows for this. This is the next stage of multiplayer and truly more social than turn-based.
  • 5. 8. Game mechanics Not Games Using games achieve other goals will be proven very effective. Anything that has a goal that people aspire to has potential for disruption here. Non-gaming businesses will take notice.
  • 6. 7. New Peripherals = New Genres Traditional content that didnt work before may now. Adoption will likely be driven by quality content. Licensed IP more viable than ever before
  • 7. 6. Kids & devices Some content for kids exists, not much of it is A+. Not much for super young kids, but that will come. Software eats the world.
  • 8. 5. Analytics & Data Quantification Quantified Self hasnt attacked gaming or entertainment yet. Markets of One will exist in the future...sooner than we think. Some people think this problem is already solved. It is not.
  • 9. 4. Gambling Gaming as a service is coming Traditional RMG is ripe for disruption. Cross-pollination of traditional and gambling mechanics will come out of this.
  • 10. 3. Wearables Estimated 12B 19B market in next 5 yrs Bio data in real time never available before New entertainment, game, and other opportunities await
  • 11. 2. Virtual Reality This is now truly immersive in ways not possible until now. This could mean a potential resurgence in virtual worlds This could create a wider rift between core & casual.
  • 12. 1. AI, robots, & automation Companies like Anki bring AI, Robotics, Automation into the home. This opens up physical items to be platforms to be built upon. This could open up mod communities for physical toys like never before.
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