Funding For Technology Startups (Ed French)

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  • 1. Winning Venture Capital Ignite Leeds 2009 Edward French, 22nd January 2009
  • 2. Ed French, Investment Director, Enterprise Ventures Team specialising in backing early-stage companies and teams Done around 40 technology investments~ half software 40m under management in technology funds Deals from 50k-2m
  • 3. What is Venture Capital? VC provides capital for a share of the business (usually 25-50%) VC joins the team and helps Everyone makes money ... OR .. Not Some businesses fail Some businesses survive but dont make money A few businesses pay back all the capital
  • 4. When should you start talking to a VC? Early Well prepared
  • 5. Why might my business be rejected?Too similar to other Too much Opportunity too products/services small (technology/market) risk
  • 6. How much money should you ask for?The least that will What you need and a Aim higher than you work tiny bit more need
  • 7. VCs like to back companies with no competitors?
  • 8. How long might it take? 3 months 6 months 12 months
  • 9. Conclusion... 9
  • 10. Contact Details Edward French Email Edward.french@enterprise- Phone 07966 347407 Yuuguu ID Website Blog 10