Fun With Error Messages

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  • 1. Fun with Error Messages
    Danielle Cooley@dgcooley
    STL UX 2011

2. An error message should

  • Be expressed in plain language

3. Precisely indicate the problem 4. Constructively suggest a solutionNielsen & Molich, 1990

  • Delight

Wait. WHAT?!
5. Why so surprised?
6. Plain language
7. Plain language
can not find one of the library files needed to run this application
8. Precisely indicate the problem
9. Be specific
10. Constructively suggest a solution
11. The opposite of good
12. 404 as an opportunity
13. 404 in action
They take the blame.
They make some suggestions.
14. 404 in action
E*Trade includes a search.
15. 404 in action
16. Irony
17. Irony
18. Randomness
Error was addressed by convincing the computer that English is not a letter.
19. In popular culture
Did you know?
Vistas error screens were originally RED!
20. Mobile wants to play, too!
21. Truth in error messages
22. My bad!