Fujitsu: Interactive Learning Through Mobile Devices

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  • Break throughto a better wayto learn

    shaping tomorrow with you

    Discover a BetterWay to Work with Intel Inside.Built for Education. Ready for the Future.

    Powered by Intel Core i7 vPro processor.

    How Can Fujitsu Help You Make The Transition

    Fujitsu Mobile Solutions Deliver

    Empower students and teachers to easilyshare notes, graphs,calculations, sketches, etc.

    Migrate from textbooks andlectures to an interconnected,

    student-drivenlearning environment

    Create a diverse one-on-one

    learning environment

    Provide students withvaluable experience

    Allow students to studyand research from virtuallyunlimited sources

    Equip students with skillsnecessary for 21stcentury professions

    Give students real-world experience of working inan IT environment

    Enable students andfaculty to collaborateusing new ways ofstudying, analyzingand investigating

    Help teachers provideassistance to individualstudents

    Always connected

    Mobile systems support latestwireless and wirednetwork technologies

    Students and teachers canshare information andcollaborate at any time

    Integration with schoolsIT infrastructure

    Professional development anddeployment programs to trainteachers and staff

    Seamless integration

    Makes life easier forstudents and teachers

    Professional services

    System design, deployment,professional developmentand training

    End-to-end support forschools mobile solution

    Long battery life

    Battery life that lasts an entireschool day

    Ensures all-day operationwithout battery recharge

    Optional modular bay design forsecond battery option

    Implementation of batteryswap programs

    Training and support forself-maintenance programs

    Human interfacetechnologies

    Pen and touch technology Helps students createand share projects,notes, exercises, etc.

    Range of screen sizes

    Keyboard options


    Shock, vibration, temperature,altitude, humidity and dust tests

    Protects against damagefrom rough handling oraccidental spills Spill-resistant keyboards

    Chemically strengthened displays

    Capability Key Fujitsu features Benefits

    Fewer repairs and lowersupport costs

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    Learn more about the Fujitsu Education solutions, service and support at

    shaping tomorrow with you


    Textbooks andnotebooks


    Mobile devices liketablets and 2-in-1s



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