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Technology Office challenges especially better use of information within a banking environment. Provided tangible examples of transactional analysis, text sentiment analysis, power consumption analysis

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  • 1. Technology Office Challenge (Why numbers rock!)

2. Context 800,000+ customers 280+ branches 300 ATMs 1,100 staff $14.4bn assets 2 data centres 350 production servers (50% virtual) 0.5PB storage (10% structured) 3. My Technology Office Challenges Product / Marketing / Operations Technology DeliveryArchitecture Narrative 1 what, why2Make the Right Decisions3Capability Development4Derive Value from Data 4. 2. Making the right decision Forces for control Processes and tools Comprehensive documentation PlansForces for creation Individuals and Interactions What works beats theory Change is everywhere 5. Sound familiar? its the Agile Manifesto 6. My observations Our best work has happened when 3 things were true: 1. We give it a go 2. With a supportive business team thats not scared to understand the little details 3. And a committed and passionate technical lead 4. That ensures people work together. 7. (Collaborative) 3. Capability Development ^Architecture Briefing ForumAnalytics Forum (soon!)Enterprise Information Forum 8. Architecture Briefing Forum Distributed configuration across Internet Banking servers Federated Identity Anti-Money Laundering Operations Management with System Center Web Service Gateways Application Build and Deployment Storage Pre-Production Update NoSQL logging design comparing MongoDB and RavenDB Crypto 101 9. 4.Gaining value from information Key insight has been that multiple groups are required to gain full benefit. Why?Analytics platform Enterprise Information platformDiffering skills and knowledge. Data PlatformIT has a role across all 10. Our Data Platforms StorageDatabaseHitachi Virtualised Storage PB of data = 7 years of HD-TV 1/5th is database storage High growth rate Microsoft SQL Server NoSQL: Universe, RavenDB, MongoDB800 600Shared Storage (TB)Staging 65GB exposed to systems every day >1000 data jobs / day400 200 0 2000200520102015 11. NoSQL????? 12. Our Enterprise Information Platform Key strategy is to unlock information assets Make data available into Analyst Playpens Through improved data acquisition / transformation / delivery Currently in progress 13. Our Analytics PlatformMicrosoft Excel (+ VBA/.NET) Tibco S+ Microsoft SQL Server (DMX)DataSungard ALMAnalysts Playpen(s)All different. All with strengths. All suited to different users. 14. And Analytics Means What Exactly? 1. Optimisation Optimal decisions under competing constraints. 2. Understanding connectivity Connectivity between attributes leading to a decision ie market basket analysis; or understanding clustering of outcomes. 3. Predicting the future Predicting future outcomes based upon history. 15. A rapidly changing landscape 16. Analytics = $++Its not just the licensingits the infrastructure. 17. So go cloud, but take care 18. How is this useful? Classic bank examples are Risk analysis Market risk Credit risk Operational risk Proactive optimised marketing Market basket analysis Prioritisation of campaigns Portfolio optimisation Customer needs analysis 19. Bit of fun: Twitter sentiment @ASBBank @BNZBank @KiwibankNZ @ANZ_NZ @WestpacNZ 20. Bit of fun: ORM sentimentOnline Relationship Sentiment 21. Understanding content Strictly speaking latent semantic analysis Relate terms to documents: Term Document Frequency Matrix Uncover frequent terms:Uncover associations: 22. Wordcloud 23. Connectivity 24. Online buyer behaviour Is online purchasing more or less important in the regions versus the cities? My hypothesis is yesHighLowCant disprove it 25. Mapping our transactions 26. How does your energy bill stack up? 27. What do we see? Large variances across companies Minor regional differencesColours = Companies $0$50$100Key data is power company avg bill Optimisation possibility of about $15/month or $180/year$80$90$100 $110 $120 $130 $140 $150 $160 $170 28. Metrics and Analytics for IT Summer of Tech project To build digital signage that displays metrics across operations, delivery, and the business. http://www.summeroftech.co.nz/ Focused on the IT consumer 29. Summary We build narratives to explain what and why. We work with all of IT to grow capability and ensure were collectively making the right decisions. We support analysts by ensuring they have the platforms, tools, and skills to succeed.