From the Atlassian Labs: FedEx Champions - Atlassian Summit 2010 - Lightning Talks

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From the Atlassian Labs: FedEx Champions Seb Ruiz, Atlassian


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2. Atlassians FedEx Days A lightning talk about lightning innovation Seb Ruiz, Atlassian 2 2 3. What is FedEx? Variation on 20% time Work must be skewed towards Atlassian 24 hours to work on project Scratch that itch! 3 3 4. Insanity! And the company approves? But its so expensive! 300 developer days 40 pizzas 600 beers Thats a lot of time and money!44 5. 5 5 6. Benets For Developers Improves morale we have fun! Lets us scratch that itch Breaks the routine of work Chance to impress peers bragging rights! 6 6 7. Benets For Atlassian Improves morale! Fosters creativity unleash all the locked up smarts Innovations can improve the products77 8. How It Works Come up with an idea that relates to Atlassian Write it up! this is the FedEx Shipment Order 2pm Thursday start coding frantically! 3pm Friday FedEx Delivery demonstrations 8 8 9. 9 9 10. 1010 11. 1111 12. Noteworthy Mentions Bamboo Broken Build Tracking (Brydie McCoy) FishEye Side-by-side Diff (Nic Venegas) JIRA Video Capture (Erik van Zijst) XProduct Chrome History Extension (Chris Kiehl) FishEye Stacktrace Analyzer (Seb Ruiz) 1212 13. Something highly requested? Brydie McCoy Bamboo plugin for tracking build breakages Assigns users to be responsible for breakages13 13 14. Bamboo: Broken Build Tracking 1414 15. Improving an existing feature? Nic Venegas Better side-by-side diff view in FishEye 1515 16. FishEye: Side-by-Side Diff16 16 17. FishEye: Side-by-Side Diff17 17 18. A revolutionary JIRA plugin? Erik van Zijst JIRA video capture support18 18 19. JIRA: Video Capture Plugin19 19 20. JIRA: Video Capture Plugin20 20 21. A cross-product tool? Chris Kiehl Atlassian Chrome plugin21 21 22. Cross-Product: Chrome Plugin Keeps track of history across all Atlassian products Searchable with screenshots!22 22 23. A totally new feature... Seb Ruiz FishEye stack-analysis tool23 23 24. FishEye: Stacktrace Analysis Tool 2424 25. FishEye: Stacktrace Analysis Tool 2525 26. Finally FedEx is good for everyone We absolutely love it Drives innovation in the company Some are incorporated into products, most are not Start your own FedEx (become really really popular at work) 2626


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