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Social Media SuperChargers with Carly Alyssa Thorne & Lynn O’Connell What the New Facebook Newsfeed Means for YOUR Page www.facebook.com/socialmediasuperchargers

Facebook news feed changes and your page

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Changes to Facebook's news feed will bring big changes for pages -- from a separate page feed to different posting sizes. This short slideshow boils down the changes and gives you tips to prepare your brand page. Visit http://www.facebook.com/socialmediasuperchargers and follow the page for more tips! Follow Lynn O'Connell on Twitter @omdirect Follow Carly Alyssa Thorne on Twitter @carlyathorne

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  • 1. Social Media SuperChargerswith Carly Alyssa Thorne & Lynn OConnellWhat the New Facebook NewsfeedMeans for YOUR Page www.facebook.com/socialmediasuperchargers

2. Facebook Newsfeed Changes Newsfeed can be filtered to showjust friends or to show following. Pages and peopleyou subscribe to are in same feed.Facebook says users spend 40% of their time in the newsfeed.Will they opt to keep sort on friends only? Or be more likely tounsubscribe from pages that overpost? 3. Facebook Following FeedEach post in the Following Feed is now larger. Option to see all you arefollowing is prominent in upper right. They SAY all posts will show inchronological order. (Like Twitter) Yet they also say Edgerank still applies andexample slides included most shared groupings from pages. 4. All posts are larger.Multiple posts fromthe same page aregrouped WITHOUTphotos. 5. Change is image size issignificant.SIZE YOUR PHOTOS to600 x 600 px. FB advisesMINIMUM 552 widthNOTE: Your commentsnow display OVER thetop of the photo.You must consider this whenmaking pic quotes even ifyou dont comment,someone who shares might. 6. Revisit your cover photoNotice your whole cover photo now shows in feed, with your name and infowritten over image. This explains why Facebook has been pushing simplephotos with little text. SIMPLIFY your photo.Make sure it shows what YOURpage is about. (Your collages could also be a problem as many small imagesmay look cluttered.) 7. Your mission: Get fans to share YOUR content Create CUSTOM content. If younormally reshare links, keep in mindthat the original content creator is theone who will get the spotlight whenyour fans share your post. Forget about long text posts abovephotos. Put your long text INTO animage using a site like www.quozio.comor www.picmonkey.com Focus on creating content your top fansyour brand evangelists will want toshare. Remember: Facebook saysWhen content is shared to your fanspeople share things to help friends, helpnewsfeed, your content keeps thethemselves, and create identity.spotlight. Notice how the sharers arenow shown to the side with just pics. 8. Takeaways for Social Media Superchargers Join us at www.facebook.com/socialmediasuperchargersStill do this:Change these tactics: Know what outcomes you want from Simplify cover photos.your page. Increase photo sizes to 600 x 600. Build your audience wisely getting fansto share your content to their personal Layout photos with space forprofiles is even more important. That comments to overlay at top.means you need fans who truly like and Post 4-5 x a day for now, but letswill share content. watch this closely to see if FB Optimize and use your page actively.penalizes frequent posting OR if Focus page on quality content.chronological order rewards more Share photos and videos.frequent posting. Create content people WANT to share. Speedy likes, comments, and shares Increase engagement. COMMENT, LIKE, are EVEN MORE CRITICAL. Check theSHARE Supercharger posts and interact Superchargers feed frequently.with fans.