Exchanging Data Between CAD and GIS Systems with FME 2012

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For many organizations, accessing and sharing CAD and GIS data between systems can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, exchanging CAD and GIS data does not have to be difficult. Discover how you can leverage your data assets regardless of their originating format or system with FME.


<ul><li> 1. CAD and GISExchanging Data Between CAD and GIS Systems using FME October 30, 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Who Are We?Todays Presenters Don Murray Co-Founder and President Safe Software Mark Ireland Product Evangelist Safe Software 3. Questions are encouraged!Todays Q&amp;A Team Mark Stoakes Manager, Professional Services Safe Software Dan Iseminger Product Specialist Safe Software 4. 100 exuberant employeesSecret HQ: VancouverThousands of happy customers, certified professionals, trainers, system integrators, and value added resellers; all around the globe! 5. Convert spatial data betweenhundreds of formats Transform spatial data into theprecise data model you need Integrate multiple different datatypes into a single data model Share spatial data with peoplewhere, when and how they need it 6. FME Workbench 7. CAD and GIS Pain Scientific research shows that sharing CAD and GIS data can be a real pain in the neck! 8. PollsFME UseCAD-GIS Requirements 9. CAD to GIS Demonstrations CAD to GIS Data Transformation 1 Data Transformation 2 GIS to CAD Bonus Demo! 10. CAD-GIS: SummaryFME Reads from CAD and retains its attributes Transforms data in structure and content Writes CAD datasets with proper symbology Validates CAD data locally or via the internet FME makes it Fast and Easy to get data in and out of CAD systems, and fully leverage its potential. 11. Poll Future FME Use 12. Learn More About FME Get Acquainted: FME Desktop Intro Webinar http://fme.ly/intro FME Free Evaluation http://www.safe.com Upcoming webinars http://safe.com/webinars Maximize the value of raster data Nov 15 Well be at Autodesk University Las Vegas, Nov 27-29, Booth 606 13. Special Offer! Win Free Training! View the offerings at: http://safe.com/trainingAPRIL 14. Share Todays Webinar Todays webinar was recorded View our archive at: http://fme.ly/archive 15. Well Be Following Up 16. Questions 17. Thank You! For more information, contact: Sales: sales@safe.com (604)501-9985 ext. 287 Support www.safe.com/support (604)501-9985 ext. 278 Don Mark dcm@safe.com mark.ireland@safe.com @DonAtSafe @FMEEvangelist</p>


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