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  • 1. Ever Wonder ? ? ?

2. When was the last time you did something for the first time? 3. In order to find yourself, are you willing to lose yourself? 4. What do you pack to pursue a dream and what do you leave behind? 5. Why be afraid of something you want? 6. Do you know that today is your day? 7. Is it true that you have to see it to believe it, or rather, do you have to believe it before you can see it? 8. Do you realize that nothing is too good to be true? 9. Do you doubt your doubts? 10. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 11. What difference does it make if the thing youre scared of is real or not? 12. Do you know how to dream with your eyes open? 13. Do you know where you are on your journey? 14. Your destiny is coming, are you ready? 15. Can you really live life without loving life and can you love life without living life? 16. What is your unrelenting passion? 17. Do you let yesterday use up too much of today? 18. Where does adventure live? 19. When will you ever have more time than you do right now? 20. How old would you be if you didnt know how old you were? 21. If not now,When? 22. What are the five things you value most in life? 23. Do you treat love as a noun or a verb? 24. What is the one thing you think of that always makes you smile? 25. If whats in your dreams wasnt already inside you how could you even dream it? 26. Do you know that you know far more than you know you know? 27. Whatgood has worrying ever done? 28. Who are they that holds so much power over our lives? 29. Have you begun today what you wish to be tomorrow? 30. Do you have enough risks in your life to stay alive? 31. Are you making new mistakes or the same old ones? 32. What would you think about if you were not taught what to think about? 33. Are you living a life of action or reaction? 34. If you give all your love away what do you have left? 35. Have you discovered your mission in life? 36. What makes something beautiful? 37. Is it really always better to be safe than sorry? 38. Where do you draw the line between possible and impossible? 39. How do you nurture your soul? 40. Will you ever really know how brave you truly are? 41. How far would you go to chase what you really want? 42. Is not every end a new beginning?