Enterprise Data Hub: The Next Big Thing in Big Data

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  1. 1. Enterprise Data HubThe Next Big Thing in Big Data Amy OConnor | Big Data Evangelist November 20131
  2. 2. Strata and Hadoop World 2013 The Enterprise Data Hub - what is it and why its the ultimate complement to your existing data management infrastructure2Key trends in Big Data adoptionPractical uses for an Enterprise Data Hub
  3. 3. Trend 1: A change in participation Peak of Inflated ExpectationBig DataSource: Gartner Hype Cycle 3
  4. 4. Trend 1: A change in participationCHASMVisionariesPragmatistsConservativesSkepticsSource: Crossing the Chasm, Geoff Moore 4
  5. 5. Trend 1: A change in participation Number of Attendees400030002000100002010 5201120122013
  6. 6. Trend 2: Use cases and data leadBig Data is about Business Needs6
  7. 7. Trend 3: Hadoop has matured FlexibilityFault ToleranceResource Management7ScalabilitySecurity
  8. 8. Trend 4: The ecosystem expands201136 Sponsors82013102 Sponsors and Exhibitors
  9. 9. Trend 5: Automated managementHadoop Configuration And Management War Stories9
  10. 10. Trend 6: Beyond Batch Machine LearningInteractive SQLSearch10NoSQL Key-ValueIn-Memory
  11. 11. Why Hadoop stayed home11
  12. 12. Fact: Hardware gets cheaper12
  13. 13. Fact: Data is valuable13
  14. 14. The Future for Data is Hadoop14
  15. 15. The Enterprise Data Hub: One Unified System Information & data accessible by all for insight using leading tools and apps Enterprise Data Hub Unified Data Management Infrastructure Ingest All Data Any Type Any Scale From Any SourceEDH EDWsMartsServersERP, CRM, RDBMS, MachinesDocuments Storage Search ArchivesFiles, Images, Video, Logs, ClickstreamsExternal Data Sources
  16. 16. Clouderas Enterprise Data Hub Integration with Over 200 ISVs Self-Service BI Data Exploration VisualizationFlexible Deployment Options On-Premise or Cloud Appliances Engineered SystemsPowerful Security Solution Risk Analysis Fraud Prevention ComplianceInfinite Analytic Storage Multi-Structured Data In-place Analytics Active ArchiveAdvanced Analytics Engine 360 Customer View Recommendation Engines Processing & AnalyticsApache HadoopEnterprise Data HubImprove IT Operations ETL Acceleration EDW Rationalization Mainframe Offload
  17. 17. Inside an Enterprise Data Hub Attributes of an EDH:Enterprise Data Hub Store all data in original fidelitySearch EngineBatch ProcessingStream ProcessingMachine LearningResource ManagementFor Any Type of Data Elastic, Fault-tolerant, Self-healing, In-memory capabilitiesSQLStreamingFile System (NFS)Data ManagementUnified Scale-out StorageSystem ManagementAnalytic MPP DBMSMetadata, Security, Audit, LineageOnline NoSQL DBMS Secure data with standard enterprise assurances Access, Process and Analyze all data with multiple realtime or batch engines Connect to your existing IT investments
  18. 18. Practical Uses: Enterprise Data Hub Social TV, and Social ProductsManaging our planetCuring disease18Multi-channel seamless user experiencePredicting and eliminating financial risk
  19. 19. Strata and Hadoop World 2013 More ideas Better insights Stronger connections19
  20. 20. Strata + Hadoop World 2014 The Enterprise Data Hub bringingMore data, open data, machine data More on data governance More use cases and applications See you at the Javitz in 2014 20With more participants, more diversity
  21. 21. Submit questions in the Q&A panel Watch this webinar on-demand at: http://cloudera.com Join the TweetJam directly following the webinar! Follow Cloudera @Cloudera Hashtag: #EDH Introducing Cloudera User Groups! CUGs@cloudera.com Thank you for attending! 21Rethink Data with the Enterprise Data Hub: http://tinyurl.com/rethink-data Learn more about Cloudera Enterprise 5: http://cloudera.com/ce5 Download Cloudera Enterprise 5 beta: http://go.cloudera.com/c5-beta


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