EN-Shou Osstik YouTube 101 Presentation

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Shou Osstik Program YouTube 101 presentation Day 6

Text of EN-Shou Osstik YouTube 101 Presentation

  • YouTube
  • Go to: www.youtube.com
  • To upload a file click on:Its necessary to use your gmail account to upload the file.
  • Note: if you dont have an account click on Create An Account to create a new one.After adding your name andpassword, click on Sign in.
  • Click here to select a file
  • Choose the video then click on Open
  • Choose a title for the video Add DescriptionTags: ShouOsstik, DigitalStory
  • Choose a Category
  • Choose CC License
  • When this link appears it means that the file has been successfully uploaded.Click on the link to go to the video
  • You can copy and use the link Or you can watch the videoto send it to a friend or share now it.
  • Click on share to usethe video onFacebook, Twitter...Click here to share the video on Facebook