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  • 1. Embracing Technology as a NonprofiteTapestry Prospect Seminar Andy Zellers 02/10/2010

2. Agenda:

  • The economyand fundraising
  • Why you need a technology partner
  • Cornerstone strategies
  • Building a strategic solution with eTapestry
  • One stop shop guarantees
  • How eTapestry can help you succeed
  • Raise more money guarantee

3. How is the economy effecting giving? 4. How is the economy effecting giving?

  • Donors plan to give less through direct mail, telemarketing, door-to-door canvassing andMORE through online giving and in kind gifts instead of cash
  • Overall Online Gifts have increased 26% in 2008
  • Donors are tired
  • More competition for fewer dollars
  • Your services are needed more
  • Increase need for accountability

5. 5 Reasons You Need a Software Solution

  • You need to move beyond business as usual; despite the economic climate
  • You need to drive results
  • You need greater efficiencies
  • You need increased productivity
  • You need greater reporting

6. The basic rules still apply

  • Fundraising is still about relationship building
  • AcquisitionCultivation


  • Todays environment is alittledifferent:
  • AcquisitionCultivation

8. WhosBehindthe Money? 9. So, what do you need to do to keep your supporters loyal?

  • Prompt, personalized acknowledgement
  • Confirmation that gifts are being used as intended
  • Results on outcomes,priorto being asked again

10. So how do you succeed? And how can eTapestry help? AcquisitionCultivation 11. Building out your strategy:Acquisition Cultivation 12. Donor Database eCommerceAdvanced Email Website 13. Websites:

  • eTapestry has built and hosts over 270 websites
  • Your website is the first place a donor will go to get information on your organization and it takes less than a minute to gain or loose a possible donor

14. Do you have an online social media strategy?What is happening when?Get involved Donate online Contact us Upcomingevents 15. Keys to Building a Successful Web Site

  • Learn from your content
    • Start with Google Analytics to see how many unique visitors you have, how they found you
    • Whatdid they viewed, where they stayed the longest, and what content produced actions
  • Make your content easy to consume
    • Always offer RSS feeds in addition to various subscribe options.Make sure they are easy to find and use
  • Make your content ever changing
    • Be brave enough to blog, show responses, share viewpoints, and utilize forums.New information needs to be added daily or weekly by you and your community.Why do you think millions go to Facebook or Twitter by the minute
  • Make your site easy to find
    • Every NPO and those serving NPOs should have a social web presence.Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr are your outposts linking back to the web site hub!

16. Did you know?

  • Over 95% of Internet users will give a donation via the web this year
  • But. Only 40% of nonprofit organizations offer an online donation page

17. eTapestry can provide you with a simple link on your current website that will connect your donors to an online giving page (were those 95% of internet users will be looking to donate) 18. Where the donor will complete the online giving page 19. The gift is automatically processed and tracked through your database and the donor is notified and thanked for the successful transaction 20. The results

  • Convenience for the donor
  • Gift is automatically deposited and put to use by the nonprofit
  • Automatically recorded in your eTapestry database
  • Donor is acknowledge and thanked immediately which makes the donor more likely to continue to give to your organization
  • Clean accurate data/results

21. Show me the MONEY!

  • After selecting eTapestry in 2008, One Brick was able to increase its annual giving goal by $10,000. The goal was attained and then surpassed by $6,000.
  • The eTapestry solution has enabled staff to send emails from the CRM solution and increase the organization's reach.

22. Are your website and database integrated?

  • Integration directly into your database
  • Requires no additional manual entry
  • Customizable

23. Online giving with recurring gifts

  • Process recurring gifts directly from your eCommerce webpage
  • Integration directly into your eTapestry database for seamless thank you notes and donor recognition.

24. Recurring Gifts

  • Donors become investors
  • Steady stream of incoming funds
  • Larger amounts in total
  • Amounts are more manageable by the donors
  • Key ingredient to sustaining long term donors and constituent loyalty

25. Email:

  • Our advanced email solution provides a fully integrated email tool that includes spam checking and scheduling

26. Did you know?

  • Email cultivation is more effective and cost efficientin reaching your supporters.
  • So why would you pay more (direct mail) to get less?

27. What does fully integrated mean to you?

  • At eTapestry it means giving you everything you need to be successful in your email campaigns. And what good is a campaign if you cant measure your results?
  • Our detailed email delivery reports will provide everything you need to measure your results

28. What does fully integrated mean to you? 29. The importance of reporting: 30. The importance of reporting:

  • Drill down capabilities

31. The importance of reporting:

  • Since we know how important reporting is, we will guarantee you better recordkeeping abilities with our advanced reporting module.
    • Event Attendees
    • Email Communication
    • Family/Business Tracking
    • Estate Value
    • Volunteer Hours
    • Donor/Prospect Interactions
    • Grant Due Date
    • Occupation
    • Memorial Tributes
    • Renewals
    • Gender
    • Future Cultivation Strategy

32. Relationship Management: 33. Relationship Management: 34. Relationship Management: 35. Relationship Management | Contacts 36. Relationship Management | Outlook Integration 37. Relationship Management | Outlook Integration 38. Relationship Management | Outlook Integration 39. Relationship Management | Outlook Integration 40. Database = Fundraising Tool

  • Only works if used by all
  • Must be consistent and accurate
  • Technology makes it easier to do your job!

41. Data Services

  • Donor Acquisition and Development
  • Prospect Research
  • Donor Performance and Benchmarking
  • Data Enrichment Services

42. Support

  • Email
  • Online Help
  • Instant Messaging
  • Telephone

43. Training eTapestry will help you meet and exceed your goals

  • User training at your pace and convenience
  • Annual Training Agreement
  • Recorded Sessions/Classes
  • Crash Courses
  • Podcasts

44. Whats New?

  • eTapestry Mobile
    • Included with your eTapestry service
    • Specifically formatted for mobile use
    • Fast
    • Real time information no syncing or downloading

45. Whats New | Personal Fundraising 46. Whats New | Personal Fundraising 47. Whats New | Personal Fundraising

  • Team page and participant page views are editable

48. Whats New | Personal Fundraising I think the personal fundraising page had a huge impact on our success.We've received feedback that it was very donor friendly. Thanks a lot! 49. Whats New | Cart Module 50. Whats New | Cart Module eTapestry Database Cart Webpage 51. Whats New | Cart Module 52. Whats New | Cart Module 53. Whats New | Donor Login 54. Whats New | Donor Login 55. Whats New | Donor Login 56. Whats New | Donor Login 57. TrueCRM

  • eTapestry can help you achieve
  • your fundraisings goals offering
  • youa tool for every
  • aspect of the
  • TrueCRM offering.