eMarketer Webinar: Cashing In on Mobile Shopping

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Join eMarketer Principal Analyst Noah Elkin as he shares insights on how advances in mobile coupons, commerce and payments are helping to mobilize the bottom of the purchase funnel.


  • 1.Presented by: Noah Elkin Principal Analyst #eMwebinar @noahelkin F E B R U A R Y2 3,2 0 1 2 Cashing In on Mobile Shopping What Marketers Need to Know About Coupons, Commerce and Payment Sponsored by:

2. Agenda

  • Keeping pacewith consumers
  • Mobileshopping vs. buying
  • The shopping revolution will bemobilized
  • Mobile coupons:Paving the way to the last mile
  • The missing link:Mobile payments
  • Q&A

3. Keeping Pace with Consumers 4. Mobile is transformingevery stageof the purchase funnel 5. Smart device adoptionis driving the transformation Twitter: #eMwebinar 6. Growing demand for smartphones and tablets is aglobal phenomenon 7. Mobile and web are becoming moresynonymous 8. as internet access from mobile devicesexpands 9. High daily web accessamong smartphone users is helping push mobile shopping into the mainstream 10. When it comes to shopping,tablets are more of a desktop substitutethan a smartphone complement

  • Bottom line:Consumers view tablets as the better tool for researching product and pricing informationpriorto a store visit. Retailers report similar shopping behavior for tablets and PCs.

11. Browsers beat appswhen it comes to mobile shopping via smartphones 12.

  • Most major retailers have some mobile strategy.
    • 91% of those surveyed by Shop.org and Forrester in May 2011 said they had a mobile strategy either in place or in development, up from 74% in 2010.
  • But development exists along a continuum.
    • 29% had a mature strategy in the process of being refined.
    • 28% were implementing or just starting to work on a mobile strategy.
    • 34% said they were in the early stages of developing a strategy.

Retailersare working to meet them-commerce challenge Twitter: #eMwebinar 13. M-commerce development among retailers hasroom for growth 14. Many retailers mobile initiatives remain inthe planning stage 15. Retailers mobile presencevaries widely by category 16. as do retailersm-commerce capabilities 17. Mobile Shopping vs. Buying 18. Mobile is more about shopping than buying for now 19. Mobile buying will steadily increase, but purchase rates will stilllag the desktopby a large margin Twitter: #eMwebinar 20. Mobile continues to develop as avital retail sales channel 21. In-store shopping via smartphone is a relevant trend, but dont forget a lot of theactual buying takes place at home 22. Regardless of where mobile buying occurs,m-commerce dollars will start to add up 23. Low-involvement, low-cost itemspredominate among mobile buyers 24. Gilt Groupe rides the flash sale wave using adevice-agnostic strategy

    • A lot of companies are trying to figure out whether mobile revenue is incremental or if it cannibalizes their desktop revenue. I find that it doesnt matter in the end.Our customers are demanding mobile options and theyre showing it with the revenue numbers. They want to shop wherever they are.They have a smartphone in their pocket all the time, so we need to be there. Otherwise, theyre going to go somewhere else.
    • Yon Feldman
    • Vice President, Mobile & Global Engineering
    • Gilt Groupe

25. The Shopping Revolution Will Be Mobilized 26. Mobile changes the path to purchasefrom a set of sequential activities Twitter: #eMwebinar 27. to activities performedconcurrently,with a premium on context and location OR 28. Gathering informationtakes precedence for mobile shoppers 29. Use information to helpdrive in-market consumers to stores 30. Focus on location to the extent that it enablescommerce,not status 2011 eMarketer Inc. 31. Remember thatin-store shoppershave heightened information needs 32. making the data retailers providehigher value and more actionable 33. Be prepared for increased competitionfrom better-informedin-store shoppers and more aggressive web retailers 34. Empowering sales associates is one way to meetin-store shopping challenges 2011 eMarketer Inc. 35. Mobile Coupons: Paving the Way tothe Last Mile 36. Small coupon discounts add up to big money 2011 eMarketer Inc. 37. Mobile coupons usage is modestbutgrowing rapidly,driven by smartphone owners 2011 eMarketer Inc. 38. particularly those smartphone ownersshoppingin-store 2011 eMarketer Inc. 39. Think about your target audience:Smart device usersprefer to receive couponsvia email 2011 eMarketer Inc. 40. ButSMSis thepreferred way toreceive coupons among mobile usersoverall Twitter: #eMwebinar 41. Dont underestimate the engagement potential andspeed to marketof SMS

    • Text messaging is about building a push relationship with the customer where you can send them back-and-forthmessaging over and over again.
    • David Wachs, President, Cellit
    • The advantage with mobile is speed.We can send out a text alert with a mobile coupon and be in-market very, very quickly.
    • Chris Duncan, Vice President of Marketing, OfficeMax

42. QR codescan also be an effective trigger for mobilecoupons 43. Deploying QR codes can take advantage of customerslocation and context

    • We are using QR codes on shelf tags to alert customers about available coupon offers. Customers scan the code with their web-enabled smartphones and download digital offers right to their Price Plus club card.QR technology allows us to engage our customers not only in the mobile space but at the store level as well.
    • Cheryl Williams
    • Vice President of Marketing
    • Wakefern Food Corp./ShopRite

44. Considerincluding coupons in local search listingsto better reach in-store mobile shoppers 45. Tap into the power of location,but tread carefully aroundprivacy and security concerns 46. The Missing Link: Mobile Payments 47. Forecasts agree on mobile payments growth but not onhow much moneyis on the table $86.1B (2011) $556B (2016) $246B (2011) $670B (2015) Note: figures above are worldwide 2011 eMarketer Inc. Twitter: #eMwebinar 48. Smartphone and tablet users have agood comfort levelwith mobile payments 2011 eMarketer Inc. 49. Frequent usage of mobile payments is commonamong those already sold on the idea 2011 eMarketer Inc. 50. But for most consumers, the value proposition of mobile wallet servicesis not yet clear 2011 eMarketer Inc. 51. Those most interested in mobile wallet technology fit the typicalearly adopter profile:young, male and upper-income 52. Privacy is a major concernall over the world when it comes to mobile payments 53. Adoption ultimately hinges onbenefits, convenience and user experience

    • Our customers told us they want a faster and easier way to pay, and Starbucks mobile payment apps are the fastest way to pay. We deployed this program independent of carriers, handset manufacturers or payment companies so as many customers as possible can download and use the app.
    • Adam Brotman, VP and GM, Digital Ventures, Starbucks
    • The best way to get anyone to change their behavior is by making them feel good. Is paying with your cell phone ever going to make you feel like This coffee is better because of the way I paid for it? Probably not. We see the mobile payment opportunity as how do we enable people to find their friends, see what theyre doing, share purchasesand things of that nature.
    • Ben Milne, CEO, Dwolla

54. Be prepared:The last mileis always the longest, hardestand most expensive 55. Kony Worldwide Headquarters 7380 W. Sand Lake Rd Suite. 390 Orlando, FL 32819 Tel:1.321.293-5669 (KONY)Toll free:1.800.323.9630 Fax:1.650.645.2201 San Mateo Toronto New York Hyderabad Singapore Bangalore Atlanta Paris Cologne www.kony.com 56.

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Kony Mobile Retail Reach All Your Customers 57. Q&A Session Cashing In on Mobile Shopping Sponsored by: Kony You will receive an email tomorrow with a link to view the deck and webinar recording. Noah Elkin

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