Electronic Walking Stick

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  • 1. Microcontroller basedElectronic Walking Stickfor BlindBy-Manav Mittal (07211503009)Gunjan Saluja (07311503009)Surabhi Garhwal (09311503009)

2. IntroductionPresently, blind people use awhite stick as a tool for directingthem when they move or walk.Here, we develop a tool whichcan serve as a blind stick beingmore efficient and helpful thanthe conventional one. 3. BASIC LOGIC Five different sensorswith microcontroller interface are used. IC 89s51 as the main microcontroller isused. 4. Components Microcontroller 8951 Sensors Remote Buzzer 5. LDRCONTROLUNITBLOCK DIAGRAM 6. LDR INPUTINFRARED SENSOR INPUTREMOTE SENSORTHERMISTORWATER SENSORBLINDSTICKWITHSENSORS 7. 8951 Microcontroller Advance version of 8051 Two types of 8951 are available-1. 89s512. 89c51 8. Sensors used- Temperature Sensor Light Sensor Infrared Sensor Water Sensor 9. Light Sensor 10. Infrared Transmitter andReceiverIn the interruptionmode we use one infrared led and photodiodein pair. 11. Temperature Sensor Thermistor is used In case of hightemperature, the circuit isactivated and the buzzerrings. 12. Water SensorImpedance Moisturesensors are used.For the water sensor weuse two metallic plateunder the stick ,whenwater touches on thisstick then buzzer is on. 13. Remote SensorTSOP 1738 sensor isused. Photo Detector andpreamplifier in onepackage. Improved shieldingagainst electric fielddisturbance. 14. Thank You !!