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  • 1. CE06_PP01-

2. CE06_PP01- IN THE NAME OF ALLAH WHO IS THE MOST BENIFICENT AND MERCIFUL 3. CE06_PP01- Tahseenjaved Laiba Farooq Huda Faiza Shahid 4. What is computer? CE06_PP01- Page 1 A computer is an electronicdevice, operating under the control of instructions stored data, process the data according to specified rules, produce result, and store the results for future use. 5. Categoriesof computers CE06_PP01- Page 2

  • Mobiles computers and mobile devices
  • Personal computers
  • Game consoles
  • Embedded computers
  • Servercomputers
  • Mainframe computers
  • Super computers

6. CE06_PP01- Page3 Mobile computers:a mobile computer is a personal computer you can carry fromplace to place. Types:Laptop: The most popular type of mobile computer is the laptop computer.small and light weightMobile computers and mobile devices 7. Mobile computers and mobile devices CE06_PP01- Page4 Small enough to carry in a pocket stores programs and data permanently internet-enabled, connect to the internet wirelessly.Mobile devices: 8. CE06_PP01- Page5

  • Sometime called ultra-mobile PC (UMPC)
  • Small in size
  • Small enough to fit in one hand
  • Also communicate wirelessly
  • Also include a digital pen or stylus for
  • input
  • Have miniature
  • or specialized key-boards.

Handheld computers: 9. Mobile computers and mobile devices CE06_PP01- Page6Personal digital assistant (PDA)

  • Provides personal organizer functions such as a calendar, an
  • an address book, a calculator, and a notepad.

10. Mobile computers and mobile devices CE06_PP01- Page7

  • Internet-enable phones that usually also
  • provides PDA capabilities.
  • Allow you to send e-mail messages
  • and access the web.
  • Built-in camera
  • Also function as portable media
  • player

Smart phones 11. CE06_PP01- Page8

  • perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities by
  • itself.
  • contain a processor, memory, and one or more input, output, and
  • storage devices.

Personal computers 12. CE06_PP01- Page9 13. CE06_PP01- Page 10

  • Also called laptop
  • Small, thin and lightweight
  • Fit on your lap
  • Portable
  • More powerful as desktop
  • Operate on batteries or power
  • supply or both

Notebook computers 14. CE06_PP01- Page 11 Resembling a letter-sized slateIt allows you to write or draw on the screen using a digital pen Tablet PC 15. CE06_PP01- Page 12 16. Embeddedcomputers CE06_PP01- Page 13 A computer system which is programmed for a specific task and embedded within the equipment which it serves . 17. Mainframe computers Page 14 18. Mainframe Computers CE06_PP01- Page 11 19. CE06_PP01- Servers Page 15 20. CE06_PP01- Supercomputers Page 16 21. Servers CE06_PP01- Page 11 22. Supercomputers CE06_PP01- Page 11 23. CE06_PP01- 24. CE06_PP01- 25. CE06_PP01-