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Effective ALM

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Effective ALM through VSTS. Presentation given to Microsoft Executive Round Table in Pune

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Page 1: Effective ALM

EffectiveApplication Lifecycle Management

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Page 2: Effective ALM

…the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management

Page 3: Effective ALM

Better quality

Better customer satisfaction


Business-IT alignment

Lower costs

Better predictability

Faster time-to-market

Page 4: Effective ALM

They don’t need this fancy stuff! They just talk to each other!

Page 5: Effective ALM

Then why do we need it?

Page 6: Effective ALM

Let’s Dig Deeper

Page 7: Effective ALM

Mayur, Chief Architect

I need “Class Design, Database Schemas, Deployment Constraints…

…there’s just so much I needed to document and share with the team!”

Page 8: Effective ALM

Namita, Project Lead

“Mayur also gave a good work breakdown to me to start off with!

The real challenge was making sure we stay on track with the schedules…”

Page 9: Effective ALM

Rakesh, Senior Developer

“Namita always asked me to ensure we didn’t have any broken builds!

I needed to set up a good release management process in place”

Page 10: Effective ALM

Harsha, Member of the Review Board

“Code quality and adherence to best practices were very critical to me!”

Page 11: Effective ALM

Swati, QA Lead

“I wanted to make sure we produced a high quality product. I needed to ensure good test coverage, effective unit testing and smart bug tracking”

Page 12: Effective ALM

Prajakta,Domain Expert

“I was working on requirements analysis, and I needed to share my findings with the rest of the team!”

Page 13: Effective ALM

Amruta and Mahavir, Developers

“We were all geared up for action… but with all the instructions to follow, and status updates to give, would we ever get down to work?”

Page 14: Effective ALM

Rahul, Project Manager

I need “How are we doing with respect to the schedule? Are we fixing the right bugs with the right priority? Is the design document updated? What are our productivity numbers?....

For me, it was all about reports. Hundreds of them!”

Page 15: Effective ALM

Rose, Clearquest, SVN, Clearcase, Sharepoint, Outlook, Bugzilla, Excel, Project, Visio, Test Complete, Silk, QTP…

But these tools didn’t talk to each other…

…it was still a lot of manual work!

Page 16: Effective ALM

Even stand-up meetings were expensive!

Rs 9,60,000 per year!for 4 persons, one hour a day

Page 17: Effective ALM

Visual Studio Team SystemBringing it all together….

Page 18: Effective ALM
Page 19: Effective ALM

“Won’t work for me…”

Page 20: Effective ALM

Customize. Customize. Customize.

Page 21: Effective ALM

Minutes, Milestones, Review Records, Bugs, Audit Records, Appraisals – they are all work items in a common database

Complete traceability and cross referencing across the entire project life cycle

Page 22: Effective ALM

Code Review Check list

Make sure reviewers know the guidelines!

Page 23: Effective ALM

All the reports you want, when you want them – scheduled or on demand. Say bye to all that last minute data gathering before the meeting!

Page 24: Effective ALM

We all love Agile!

Page 25: Effective ALM

Your Project Portal – start collaborating from day one

Page 26: Effective ALM

Integrate with 3rd party systems and tools – we know you need to, and we’ve done it before!

Page 27: Effective ALM

VSTS at Persistent

Over 1000 users, over 100 teams

Project teams working out of half a dozen locations, seamlessly

Standardized project portals and metrics

Integration with MIS systems

Consulting for partners and customers on VSTS adoption and customization

Page 28: Effective ALM

THE ALM Mantra

Thou shall automate

Thou shall integrate

Thou shall consolidate

Page 29: Effective ALM

Why ALM investments fail…

Tools are overly complicated or too simple

Tools that adapt your process, not to it!

Inability to integrate

Lack of internal training

Lack of buy-in!

Page 30: Effective ALM

ALM Nirvana