Eazy BI for Atlassian JIRA

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Eazy BI for Atlassian JIRA


<ul><li> 1. Reports, Charts and Dashboards Add-on for JIRA Create reports with drag-and-drop Create pivot table reports or charts with easy drag-and-drop interface by selecting JIRA standard or custom field dimensions and measures. Many different chart types Create easy to use bar, line, pie, timeline and Gantt charts and explore different chart options with instant feedback. Powerful calculations eazyBI provides several predefined calculated measures as well as you can define your own specific calculations using powerful calculation formulas. eazyBI reports, charts and dashboards add-on is available both for JIRA Server installations as well as for hosted JIRA Cloud service. With eazyBI you can analyze JIRA issues by standard and custom issue fields, identify trends and top/bottom performers, start from summary overview and drill into details. Create pivot table reports or different charts as well as publish eazyBI reports as gadgets on JIRA dashboards. eazyBI also supports JIRA Agile custom fields and other custom fields by popular plugins. Try it free eazyBI is available on Atlassian Marketplace and from JIRA add-ons manager. Contact us eazyBI is developed and supported by Atlassian Verified vendor EazyOne. ! Web: https://eazybi.com E-mail: support@eazybi.com </li> </ul>


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