Drupal DevOps - Melbourne DevOps July 2013

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What's the workflow for DevOps in Drupal? We look at tools, tips and examples.

Text of Drupal DevOps - Melbourne DevOps July 2013

  • 1.Drupal DevOps Decoupling, Demystifying and Decomplicating Chris Ward - @chrischinch

2. Why use a CMS? Why reinvent the wheel? Existing body of knowledge Requirement 3. Why Drupal? CMS/CMF/Framework? Learning curve Powers BIG sites Growing Less bad for DevOps meetup.com/drupalmelbourne 4. So whats the problem? 5. flickr.com/photos/30222677@N04/51346884 6. How can Drupal help? Features Profiles Drush Drush Aliases Drush Make Aegir Other tools 7. Starting at the end Drupal 8 Symfony Configuration Management 8. Features Package configuration into reusable and deployable bundles. UUID for content Not the only approach Apps 9. Drush Command Line Drupal Simplifies many, many tasks Extended by other modules 10. Drush Aliases The same features as before On any site/server 11. Drush Make / Profiles Create sites on the command line Specify Core, Modules, Features and more Profiles are your custom starting point Distributions 12. Tying it together Aegir Control panel and Deployment tool for Drupal Utilises all the components touched upon 13. Questions so far? 14. Other tools 15. Testing Simpletest Selenium Automated testing with Jenkins Behat 16. DevOp Goodness Vagrant Puppet Devel Backup & Migrate Acquia Dev Desktop Acquia Dev cloud Pantheon 17. Optimising Default levels Boost Memcache Varnish Nginx MariaDB, MongoDB Many specific tips 18. Questions? Chris Ward @chrischinch Look for Chris Chinchilla on LinkedIn, G+ etc