Drupal commerce @ Drupal Balkan Summit Sarajevo

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Sarajevo 2012, presentation about doing ecommerce with Drupal.

Text of Drupal commerce @ Drupal Balkan Summit Sarajevo

  • 1. Drupal Commerce

2. About meBojan ivanovi(bojanz on drupal.org)- Developer from Serbia- Working for Commerce GuysProjects: Drupal Commerce, Views, Views Bulk Operations... 3. About usParis, France / Ann Arbor, MichiganAround 40 employeesDriving force behind Drupal CommerceProfessional services (training, consulting, migrations..)Enterprise support (Acquia partner)Community-friendly. 4. Our vision is for Drupal Commerce tobe the number one open sourceeCommerce platform in the worldPowering truly flexible commerce. 5. Brief history of timeWhy Drupal at all?Use Magento? Prestashop? ZenCart?Use them together with Drupal?Drupal ecommerce (Drupal 4.6, 4.7)Ubercart (Drupal 5, Drupal 6)Drupal Commerce (Drupal 7) 6. What can you do with it? What can you build with it?Ubercart offers a wide feature set, but Commerce modules offer core e- operating outside of the core featurecommerce set is difficult at best.systems and components, providingbasicApplication mindset focusing on thefunctionality with amazing flexibility.modules performance out-of-the-box.Framework mindset focusing onlooselySacrificed API functionality and i18n coupled modules and adaptability.for UI based customizations.Privileges developers and sitebuilders at the core level, administrators andreusablefeature development at the profile level. 7. Three tiers of awesomeEssential contributed modulesDistributions (CommerceKickstart, Drupal Rooms,Martplug) 8. CHICA M rch 20 GO a 11Dr lCommerce bet rel seupaa ea M rch 20a11 Chicago Drupalcon: FirstDrupa Commerce betais a l nnounced 9. LONDON, A UST20 UG11V sion 1.0er Drupal Commerce 1.0 ReleaseDrupal Commerce ready for production sitesGlobal support offerFirst sites released using Drupal Commerce 10. Luzern, September 2011 First Drupal Commerce camp Drupal Commerce has its very own community 11. DrupalCommerce CommerceKickstartCommerce adpotion First distribution byboosted after 1.0 Commerce GuysMore than 13k sites using Released on June 11 Drupal Commerce.Most used and downloaded65,902 downloads distribution in drupal.org29,026 downloads 12. The road aheadCommerce Kickstart v2 Much more improvedend-user experience.Revamp of drupalcommerce.orgDrupal Commerce 2.0 13. Basicswas built from scratch to use the cutting edge features of Drupal 7 and its major contributed Entity systemField systemEntityFieldQueryEntity API Rules 2Views 3#ajaxSimpleTest 14. Live sites 15. Demo 16. Resourceshttp://www.drupalcommerce.org/contribhttp://www.drupalcommerce.orghttp://www.drupal.org/project/commercehttp://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_kickstarthttp://twitter.com/drupalcommerceCommerce Module Tuesdayhttp://www.commerceguys.com/resources 17. http://www.flickr.com/photos/drachmann/327 18. Thank [email protected][email protected]