Driver Distraction Prevention From Mobile Phones Will Save Lives

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Using mobile phones whilst driving is the number one risk to your employees and the statistics behind this fact are terrifying. Employees using a mobile phone when driving are 23 times more likely to have an accident. And it is 9 times more likely that accident will be fatal. In the UK business drivers are involved in 1 in 3 of all accidents on our roads and this results in 73,000 serious work-related injuries each year. The net effect of this is a productivity loss that equates to 505 lost work years each year and it looks like this problem is set to grow with the increasing proliferation of mobile technology. Using a mobile phone is illegal and every company with more than 6 employees should have published a work related road safety policy to manage this. Having a policy is great but how do you enforce it? We have developed a simple, cost effective solution that uses technology to prevent driver distraction. No calling, texting, emailing or social media when you are driving. Our app sits on their smartphone. It is simple to install and operates automatically. When they start driving the app kicks in. It automatically disables the keypad. They cannot receive or make calls, texts, emails or social media whilst driving. The exception being emergency calls. They can call 999 in an emergency. And you can contact them without distraction via a voice message that asks them to pull over to call you back safely. The app can also be Bluetooth enabled if required (we will mirror your company policy). Let's fix this problem now.


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