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Dont wake me up By Abul

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  • 1. Video Analysis Looking at Country/ Pop VideoDONT WAKE ME UP BY AVICII BY ABUL KALAM

2. Mise en scene Locations: Old fashioned urban setting contrast with the city setting at the end At the start of the music video the artist shows A country based location to visualize the setting. Country genre is Becoming really popular and the genre is mixing in within the music industry and becoming normal like for example of this video u start with country and then they end with a clubbing sence 3. casting Casting: in this video they used a white girl whorepresents the artist narrative story. They used this young girl to show the difference between the normal people and her. In the video she's different whereas everyone else is the same. The story tells us that she dont belong hear , I can tell this because there is a sign on her arm. 4. Costume/ Props Costume/ Props used in the video shoes the contrast between the mainactor and people at the back ground. The use of mis en scene shows the contrast as people was dressed old fashioned as they were wearing very old dirty cloth , where as on the other hand the main actor looked modern she had straight hair leather jacket which helped us to see the difference straight away. At the start the main character mis en scene was very old fashioned and she didn'tt stand out but through out the video use of mis en scene I was able to tell the difference. The lighting was very bright and sunny, with dusty floor. This shows modern country setting. This picture shows that she's moving from the country to the city 5. Camera work 1. Birds eye view: nice perspective, allows us to see the full image of the main actor 2. Goodwins Notion of looking Mirror shot. It allows us to see the artist emotions 3. Low angle walking away shot Allows us to see the finishing of the video 6. Editing In this video there are a lot of edits. Its very fastpassed as it shows contrast . There's a lot of eye line match and establishing shot to show the artist and the area of the video. With the establishing shot I can tell that its a country genre. Eye line match allowed us to see that there are some difference between the actor and the audience.

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