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A presentation on creating an online presence for museum collections data. Presented at Museum Next July 2014

Text of DIY Museum Collections Online

  • 1. DIY Museums Collections Online Rick Lawrence Digital Media Officer Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

2. Starting point - museum redevelopment 2008 -2012 3. Plan A Aimed to create a digital asset management system drawing selected data from internal collections database exporting to a website and connecting to an online print sales system But difficulty with importing internal data into off the shelf online system, DAMS not materialising, running costs of a print on demand website, secure hosting and licensing costs were all too much 4. Why Do It Yourself? 5. Plan B - with added experience Focus on using staff time effectively Use selected data with descriptions and images Include URLs for records and images Build in API Build in commenting Build in saving and sharing Check it works with aggregators Online sales Consider IP and CC licence Plan ahead for new features 6. Partnership and planning Arts Council Englands Major Partner Museum funding for RAMM and Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery enabled the work Royal Cornwall Museum and the Museum of Somerset included in creative process Part of MPM leadership role and now able to offer an online resource to other South West Museums Not only individual museum collections Devon Museums Group next collection to add and includes 77 museums 7. Putting it into action - search Does the search work for the general visitor and specialist? 8. Putting it into action - themes Using the database ourselves themes for sharing, supporting activities and linking to 9. Getting interactive comments 10. Getting interactive social media 11. Getting interactive save and share 12. Open wide letting others use your data 13. And use it in the museum - iPads and kiosks 14. Dude, wheres my data? 15. Adding partners 16. Mobile, research and more to come!