DiverseWorlds – an augmented reality location-based MMO game

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<ol><li> 1. 1Augmented Reality MMO GameDiverse Worlds </li><li> 2. Problem&amp;Solution YesterdayReal World2Virtual Worldlonely and depressinglonely but excitingTomorrowReal + Virtual World !!!!! Our world is relative, its reality depends on our consciousness Rabindranath Tagore </li><li> 3. 3Idea Diverse Worlds an augmented location-based MMO shooter game.realityDiverse Worlds turns the player's mobile phone into a universal weapon to attack and defend against other players in a virtual world that extends ordinary reality. </li><li> 4. Table of Contents 1Features2Business Model3Team4Screenshots4 </li><li> 5. 5Features </li><li> 6. Features #1 The personages of the game are divided into two types: 1. The human the player who is actually situated at the same geographic coordinate as their personage. It is tracked by GPS. 2. The phantom the personage, who is controlled at a distance or is performing some particular task. A player can switch between the human and the phantom, but at one point of time can be only in one role. When a player logs out of the game, their phantom always stays in the game and can carry out some tasks.6 </li><li> 7. Features #2 The phantom can be sent on a mission to any geographical point that is available for pedestrians. The phantom moves along calculable and optimal pedestrian routes at the average human walking speed. In a combat campaign, a group of phantoms can be organized and then go to the given coordinate for the performance of a military task.7 </li><li> 8. Features #3 The players mobile phone acts as the universal combat device with the following options: Controlling the area nearest to the personage while waiting for the appearance of an enemy or rockets launched in a long distance. Shooting the weapon available to the personage. Managing of the phantom.8 </li><li> 9. Features #4 Combat operations are developing on real streets with the participation of humans and phantoms. Hostilities can be both between groups of players and on a scenario of one-against-all. The personages can shoot various available types of weapon. Moreover, they can physically run away from a combat zone in real time.9 </li><li> 10. Features #5 The game is full of such spectacular elements as: 1. The indicator of being wounded/death of the personage. 2. While zooming out a map, you can see that personages are represented by multimedia personages who are carrying out certain actions. 3. Whilst one player targeting the chosen aim, other players can interactively see the personage who is aiming in one or another direction.10 </li><li> 11. 11Business Model </li><li> 12. 12Revenue Model Types of Monetization: Free-to-play: weapons, ammunition, life, Marketing programs with geo-spots (cafes, shops) NET INCOME 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 Jan (50,000) (100,000)FebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec </li><li> 13. Market Validation &gt;5M downloads&gt;33M customers &gt;10K beta users13 </li><li> 14. 14Competitions CasualServiceGameRequire training </li><li> 15. Market Size 1,02B mobile game players1,53B mobile game players Year 2016Year 2012Location-based mobile game players - ? (no information)15 </li><li> 16. Schedule Beta version16 </li><li> 17. 17Team </li><li> 18. Team CEO Alexey Skutin, PhD Co-founder Jelastic (jelastic.com). Alexey has an extensive background in IT including experience as a programmer, an architect, and a project manager. He has participated in business processes automation in big companies, starting from an advisor position and ending as the project manager. Alexey has technical and economic degrees, a PHD in Technical Science. CTO Morotskiy Vsevolod Vsevolod has about 10 years of experience in different areas of programming: Java, .NET. He has been working as an architect, a head of group software developers and as a team leader in various IT-projects. Moreover, he is engaged in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and software for general and applied purposes, as well as the automation of various business processes, both for Russian and overseas companies of the oil and gas sector. 4 software developers, 1 designer18 </li><li> 19. 19Screenshots </li><li> 20. 20 </li><li> 21. 21 </li><li> 22. 22info@diverseworlds.net</li></ol>


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