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2. Our logo is ready. 3. ABSG User Experience Design 4. Another variation 5. Our designer Jared 6. jaredigital.comJareds work 7. The Pareto PrincipleCommonly known as the 80/20 rule 8. Courtesy: sixrevisions.comThe Pareto Principle 9. Examples of the 80/20 rule* MS Office Ribbon* F-Pattern* Mobile sites Vs. Full sites* Country dropdown lists (US, UK at the top)In software.* Software bugs* Project lifecycle 10. Examples of the 80/20 ruleElsewhere.Can you give me some examples? 11. What constitutes that 20%?* User interviews* Web analytics* Market research* Track user behaviorHow can we figure it out? 12. Make it part of Project PlanningWrite it down first.Prioritize the features before beginning construction. 13. Good examples TeamLab 14. Good examples SifterApp 15. Good examples EaseUS Backup 16. Good examples CakeHealth 17. Good examples DailyBurnVs.Courtesy: 18. In a nutshellUse analytics to determine your applications 20% most-used functionsPrioritize tasks/features based on the abovediscoveryDont completely ignore the 80% thats not oftenused but give it just the attention it deservesMake sure the designs and layouts reflect the dataobtained in discoveryThink about ways to improve the functionality & design of thelesser used features that could have a larger impact ifimplemented properly 19. Lets do a quick exerciseIf you had to design a pedometer,how would you do it?Hint: Track calories, fitness, ease of use etc. 20. How fitbit does it 21. Fitbit tracks your sleep activity too 22. Fitbit design 23. UXUX Design Cheat SheetUsefulnessSimplicityCommunicationIntuitivenessEfficiency??Consistency 24. Questions ? 25. Designing better uxd.absg.comGirish GangadharanABSG Enterprise ArchitectureWorkshop - 5