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Cyber-security tips: the heartbleed bug

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Here are some simple steps you can do to protect yourself from cyber-trolls, current and future.

Text of Cyber-security tips: the heartbleed bug

  • 1.Cyber Security Tips The Heartbleed Bug

2. Virtual Newsmakers with Robert Cairns 3. Chromebleed will tell you if a website is okay to navigate. 4. HEARTBLEED IS A SERVER BUG NOT A WORKSTATION BUG. The affected website (such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest) has to fix the issue itself. 5. Once the website server has been fixed CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. 6. Use Google Calendar to remind you to change your passwords every 60 days on the sites you use the most. A strong password has letters and numbers, such as: 1sTrongPassworD 7. Most banks and credit unions were not affected by the Heartbleed bug because they use proprietary security. 8. KEEP YOUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE UP-TO-DATE Run a quick scan every day and run a full scan as often as you can. 9. Template Provided By Created by Debbie Elicksen Email: [email protected] Website: Gourmet Coffee Shop: About Me: Virtual Newsmakers: makers/about Cyber Crimefighter: crimefighter