1 Derivitec: Know Risk. Know Limits.

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Derivitec:Know Risk. Know Limits.

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What do we do?

Web based risk and portfolio management

No download. Register, upload, analyse. Anywhere.

Pay as you go. Scale costs according to usage.

Agile. Changes in days, not months.

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Who are we?

George KayeFounder & CEO

Jon HodgesCTO

Marc TuckmantelHead of Research

Anthony GrocottHead of Sales

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The story so far…

“The 2015 Hot Ten”

Jan 2015

“One of the eight hottest fintech start-ups in London”

July 2014

“One of the 15 best fintech start-ups in Europe”

Jan 2015

“50 London startups you absolutely must know about”

Jan 2015

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The Problem A NewContext

• The Volcker rule limits proprietary trading at investment banks, prompting a newwave of start-up funds

• Dodd-Frank, EMIR, AIFMD now subject hedge funds to much stricter risk reportingrequirements, on both sides of the Atlantic

Set NewConstraints for HFs

Companies with over USD 150mm AUM now have to report on• Value at Risk (‘VaR’)• Counterparty Credit Exposure• Stress Tests

LeadingTo Dilemma

Catch-22 Situation for start-up funds:No risk system, no investmentNo investment, no risk system.

Two Options Option 1: Pay > USD 100k for a risk system from personal funding Option 2: Pay as you go for a validated system, scale costs with needs

Vision: To become the industry standard benchmark for Risk Analytics

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The Risk Portal

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The Derivitec Risk Portal

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Set up a new portfolio

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Import trades from Excel

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Run risk reports

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Portfolio Drill Down

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Trade Drill Down

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Market Data Drill Down

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Book new trades

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Run new reports

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Why AWS?The market standard for cloud based enterprises

Seamless integration with third party management tools (e.g. MMS)

Powerful, generalised auto-scale functionality

Secure MFA model for management authentication

Robust backup and restore

Powerful hardware precisely configurable to requirements

Imaginative and effective approaches to cost management

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Next Steps

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The Next Five Years…Increase geographical, asset class and report coverage

Migrate from an analysis tool to an integrated straight through processing system

Scale up from small buy side to large sell side

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On-boarding nowRegister: https://riskportal.derivitec.com

Login and run analysis. Completely free for 14 days.

No lock in.

A: Derivitec Ltd, Level 39, One Canada Square, London E14 5AB

T: +44 20 3668 3682

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.derivitec.com

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