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Enabling Cross-Channel Campaigns Connecting Content Creation Processes to Drive Integrated Communication

Cross-Channel Campaigns

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Page 1: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Enabling Cross-Channel CampaignsConnecting Content Creation Processes to Drive Integrated Communication

Page 2: Cross-Channel Campaigns

A Community of Ones• Today’s customers consume media and

marketing messages in very different manners.

• Marketers must be able to communicate instantaneously, consistently and across multiple channels.

• Maintaining strong synergy between corporate and local marketers is critical as the consumer expects a relationship that transcends location or a single spokesperson.

• The marketer who embraces the idea of connecting with today’s customers has an incredible resources at his disposal and an opportunity to create and foster valuable customer relationships.

Page 3: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Managed Chaos• The marketer’s world consists of

more mediums, customer engagement, marketing technology providers than ever before.

• Marketers know what they need to accomplish, but meeting those demands seems out of reach.

• Corporate marketers have turned to technology and solution providers to manage and maximize these mediums.

• Connected, these solutions form a powerful cross-channel platform for corporate marketers.

Page 4: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Connected is Better• Connecting all mediums through a

single platform would create efficient marketing operations and coordinated cross-messaging.

• Connect customer intelligence with dynamic content assembly.

• Connect agencies and suppliers, connect divisions, regions or other internal groups with one another, connect corporate and local marketers.

• A connected vision is fully attainable and within reach for marketers with a new vision and new approach to connecting with the customers in meaningful ways.


Page 5: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Where and How to Start

Foundations for Cross-Channel Marketing

To facilitate connection across all marketing processes, there are five key foundations that must be in place.

1. Strong digital asset management/ enterprise content management.

2. Customer relationship management, analytics and other customer data repositories.

3. Dynamic cross-media content assembly.

4. Marketing fulfillment automation.

5. Role-based system access to ensure users of the connected marketing platform experience the solution through their role.


Page 6: Cross-Channel Campaigns

DAM / ECM Repository

• A well-structured enterprise content management system enables all internal parties and external audiences to draw on a single content reference point.

• Web pages, emails, social media posts, printed materials and any other marketing content can be generated from this single repository.

• It can share a single set of resources, resulting in greater integration between mediums.


Page 7: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Customer Relationship Management• This connection is critical for

meaningful customer or prospect engagement.

• Data within these repositories can be used to influence content, offers, location-based information and more.

• Real-time connectivity is vital for driving instantaneous content or message decisions and fulfilling trigger-based marketing events.


Page 8: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Dynamic Cross-Media Content Assembly

• In today’s digitally driven world, dynamically generated, personalized content is quickly becoming the norm.

• Real-time content assembly across all channels can ensure engaging messaging.

• Real-time assembly also ensures messages are always focused and consistent.


Page 9: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Marketing Fulfillment Automation

• Marketing automation ensures that marketing and customer engagement processes run smoothly with very minimal human involvement.

• Message fulfillment serves to reduce errors and rapidly deliver marketing content.

• Marketing automation makes it easy to apply changes to one piece, click go, and it’s applied to all pieces related, drastically reducing costs.


Page 10: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Role-Based System Access

• Ensures that the users of the connected marketing platform experience the solution through their unique role.

• This makes a robust system easy to navigate and use.

• Ensures that all corporate marketers, agencies, suppliers and consumers only have access and exposure to the information appropriate to them for their interaction needs.


Page 11: Cross-Channel Campaigns

Steps to a “Connected is Better” Game Plan• Create an inventory of your current

systems– Create a quick inventory of the marketing

systems used by your organization or by entities on behalf of your organization.

• Identify opportunities for connecting systems

– Identify redundant tasks, inefficient processes, disconnected communications and missed opportunities.

• Design a connected approach to campaigns

– Create an outline for preparing your marketing team to meet the demands of an engagement-based marketing world.


Page 12: Cross-Channel Campaigns

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