Creating User Friendly Joomla! Websites and Forms | Joomla! Day Deutschland

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Have you ever visited a website that had no clear navigation? Perhaps clicked on the 'Reset' button at the bottom of a form that you intended to submit? Most likely you blamed yourself for these mistakes, but in most cases it was the web designer at fault here. By properly testing a website with real users (from the first sketches to beyond the final release) most usability problems can easily be fixed (or even prevented). At almost no cost and with only a couple of minutes per week you can do these tests yourself. In this presentation - filled with practical and easy tips - I will teach you how. Stop scaring you visitors away, learn how to make them love your site today! Video from JandBeyond 2012:


  • 1. Creating User FriendlyJoomla! Websites and Forms Robin Poort (@rhcpoort) CEO & co-founder ThemePartner (@theme_partner) Joomla! day Deutschland, Berlin, oktober 2012

2. Time up Robin Poort (@rhcpoort)ThemePartner (@theme_partner) 3. Elevator: photo: lab: and after: