Create a Richer Experience & Drive Conversions with Welcome Emails

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Laurence Rothman, Senior ExactTarget Strategist at Crown shares welcome email best practices and provides a solution for ExactTarget and hybris customers.

Text of Create a Richer Experience & Drive Conversions with Welcome Emails

  • 1.Create a Richer Experience & Drive Conversions with Crown's ExactTarget-Hybris Connector Presented by Crown Partners

2. Out of the box, hybris includes a default welcome email template that cant be modified or updated by marketers without learning hybris. With Crowns ExactTarget-hybris Connector, ExactTarget users can create custom welcome email templates in ExactTarget and personalize them based on subscriber attributes. What Is The Connector? 3. Highly read and acted upon Drive customer engagement Fuel ongoing loyalty Why Worry About Welcome? 4. Customization Personalization Integration Analytics How The Connector Helps 5. Simplicity Installs your needed assets 8 Easy steps The Connector Itself 6. Set the tone for your program and what subscribers can expect by signing up for it. Best Practices For Welcome 7. Ask new subscribers to update or complete message preferences in the welcome email Ask for preferences and gather additional insights, then leverage and market to your data Best Practices For Welcome 8. Include a first purchase incentive discount to new email subscribers Make sure that offer is EASY to redeem Best Practices For Welcome 9. A/B Test Timing Offer versus no offer Best Practices For Welcome 10. - John Ruskin What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence, The only consequence is what we do