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Corporate Web Sites [Compatibility Mode]


In past, corporate web sites were not actually


They were all looked like brochures that demonstrates

products and services.

Communication through the web site was not the core


in 1995

in 1999

0 There are only 8 seconds to attract a visitor who visits the web site




Objectives of establishing a corporate

web site

To communicate with its publics

Providing information to its publics

Interacting with web site visitors

Providing information and news to media outlets,

Enhancing corporate image

Reinforcing corporate identity

Building relations with customers

Supporting re-visits and ongoing visits


A corporate web site should reflect to companyscorporate mission, vision and philosophy

It should allow to build mutual, two-waycommunication

Geographical segmentation is important. Any contentposted by the company may be resulted as a misunderstood message by other cultures

Pay attention for reading and surfing span. Longcontent may reduce the visiting duration

Why do individuals visit web sites? Make sure whyyour target audience visits your web site

Qualities of a Good

WebsiteIt should serve well-defined

strategic purposes.

Its content should encourage

return visitors.

It must be user friendly.

It requires clear, concise writing.

Designed well, suits to new web


Use new technology and new


Informative, unique, authentic

Detailed visual and text content

0 Fast uploading even at the

lowest internet connection.

0 Search engine optimization.

0 Analyzing web visitors.

0 Managing Customer


0 Live at 7/24

0 Constant updates

0 It should be promoted.

Change through the social media

Social NetworkCorporate Website

Many companies approach is imbalanced

Change through the social media

Social NetworkCorporate Website

Right combination!

Corporate Website

+Social Network

Framework: Evolution of the Social Corporate Website

Do nothing- No social integration

2. Link away with no strategy

3. Link away but encourage sharing

4. Brand integrated in social channels

5. Aggregate discussion on site

6. Users stay on site with social log-in

7. Social log-in triggers sharing

8. Seamless integration

Content of corporate web sites

InformationNews flowNetworkparticipation




Web Sites

Lets go through real-life


Starbucks experience mirrored in social channels

but you wouldnt know this from their home page

There are no links directing visitors to

Tiffanys official social channels a missed


There are no links directing visitors to

Tiffanys official social channels a missed


How Tiffany gets traffic Its even hard to know if this is Tiffanys official Twitter page. Its

Facebook and home page is not even linked.

Its even hard to know if this is Tiffanys official

Twitter page. Its Facebook and home

page is not even linked.

Zara directs visitors away with Facebook tab

McDonalds directs visitors away with a link (TV ads too)

But worse, sends a confusing message

McDonalds doesnt encourage visitors to leave it site for

social channels: You are leaving the McDonald's

Corporation web site for a site that is controlled by a third

party, not affiliated with McDonald's.

This Steakhouses Facebook Like button links

encourages sharing

Your New Corporate Web Site with

Web 2.0

Your site here


Old site Vs. Web 2.0 web site

Features Existing Web Site Corporate Web Site 2.0


from one root (sender) to the

mass from the mass to the mass

content only from company's domain from all web /simultaneous

focus only to it's web site all internet

consuming only from web browser web browser and RSS

links hundreds ten thousands

social networks not exist ten thousands

twitter not exist thousands

facebook not exist thousands of fan

linkedin not exist thousands of subscribers

e.t.c. not exist thousands

blog not exist

thousands of follewers and content


youtube not exist thousands

pinterest not exist

thousands of follewers and content


Information about print ads and sales



Information about existing

communication campaigns

Search in your web site

Brand extentions and brand integration

Micro marketing (Tailoring your

product and brand at your web site

Connect / engage with your consumer

Corporate blog


Information about social responsibility


Downloadable information




Integraiton with mobile


Web Tv

Integration with social networks

Mesurement / Evaluation

Web site traffic

Entries (demographics, georgraphics, use ratio, usage habbits, etc.)

Visitors (demographics, georgraphics, use ratio, etc.)

Links fromwhich site

Visiting duration

Visiting performance

Which content is most viewed / downloaded/ ?

Any uploads?

Message sent?

Types of questions and orders?

Content preferences?

Which department / division tab has the most traffic?

Although its a new and experimental medium, brands

should plan a roadmap.

The future of web experiences will be based around people

not products.

Take inventory of all corporate web assets and identify

where they are in the framework.

Next, identify the desired state, and then build a plan

against it. Start small and slow, and be sure to have a


Dont arbitrarily jump into the to social marketing space

without measurable results. Be deliberate in your actions.

Use this Road Map for your strategy (Owyang,