Content Strategy: The Future of Marketing

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Today, it's quite probable that the two most important words for marketers are "content strategy." Content strategy identifies which content will best achieve your business objectives while fulfilling your customers' needs. Developing a content strategy also helps answer questions that often get left until the eleventh hour: Who is going to create the content, and how? How can you ensure your communications are consistent across all channels? What role will user-generated content play in helping meet your marketing goals?This presentation discusses: * the practice of content strategy * useful, actionable details your organization can take advantage of immediately


<ul><li>CONTENT STRATEGY AND THE FUTURE OF MARKETING Kristina Halvorson | MN AMA | 06.22.09 </li><li>@halvorson </li><li>WHY DOES CONTENT MATTER? </li><li>A brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality. Walter Landor </li><li>Brands are now used more than they are preferred. Functional benefits and relevance now outweigh the intangible and emotional allure of a brand. The Brand Bubble by John Gerzema and Ed Lebar </li><li>ONLINE, WE DONT JUST SEE OR READ ABOUT YOUR BRAND. WE USE IT. </li><li>OFFLINE </li><li>ONLINE </li><li>The single most important thing most Web sites can offer to their users is content that those users will find valuable. The Elements of User Experience Jesse James Garrett </li><li>NAV BAR sign in ROTATING PROMO AREA PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS EDUCATIONAL CONTENT PRODUCT 1 PRODUCT 2 PRODUCT 3 PRODUCT 4 CREDIT CARD </li><li>WHAT IS CONTENT STRATEGY? </li><li>Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. </li><li>Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. </li><li>TEXT &amp; DATA GRAPHICS VIDEO &amp; ANIMATION AUDIO </li><li>STRATEGY A plan for obtaining a specific goal or result. </li><li>NOT JUST </li><li>NOT JUST What </li><li>BUT What With what Why When How Where For whom How often By whom What next </li><li>WHOS DOING IT WELL? </li><li>REI employees are called upon to evaluate gear in an outdoor setting, allowing staff members to offer feedback on gear performance and remain experts in the gear they sell. And although not all employees have summited Mount Everest, they all can help customers find the right outdoor gear and clothing for any outdoor adventure. REI employees are recognized throughout the outdoor industry for their product knowledge and expertise. </li><li>At Room &amp; Board, we partner with small, family-owned businesses that use a combination of time-honored techniques and innovative technology to build furniture that stands the test of time. This approach gives you the best of both worldshandcrafted quality with precision and attention to detail. We're committed to helping these artisans preserve the American tradition of handcraftsmanship. </li><li>USEFUL. USABLE. ENJOYABLE. </li><li>WHY IS IT SO HARD? </li><li>LIES WE TELL OURSELVES </li><li>THIS IS COPYWRITING. </li><li>THIS IS CONTENT. Audit Analyze Strategize Categorize Structure Create Review Approve Publish Update Archive </li><li>Late content is consistently one of the reasons for project delays. The task itself and resources needed to complete the task are seriously underestimated. Accept it. Plan for it. Charge for it. Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works Kelly Goto &amp; Emily Cotler </li><li>PLAN. CREATE. PUBLISH. GOVERN. </li><li>PLAN </li><li>PLAN. CREATE. PUBLISH. GOVERN. </li><li>HOW DOES IT WORK? </li><li>SKILLSET.ORG Business Analyst User Project Production Experience Manager Assistant Architect Account Producer Designer Manager New Information Business WebAnalyst Developer Architect Developer Content Usability Strategist Specialist Programmer SEO Technical Specialist Assistant Server WebEditor Admin WebWriter </li><li>PROCESS Audit Analysis Strategy </li><li>AUDIT Quantitative Qualitative Specialized </li><li>ANALYSIS Align on business objectives and user goals Identify success metrics Define risks and how to mitigate Create a strategic foundation for content strategy (recommendations) </li><li>ANALYSIS Brand and messaging Channels User research Competitor site audits Site metrics Government or regulatory requirements </li><li>ANALYSIS SEO strategy Current content assets Global business and communications strategies Technical infrastructure Stakeholder roles, skill sets, agendas, politics Relationship to other sites, databases, campaigns, brand strategies, print materials </li><li>STRATEGY What content do we need, and why? How will the content be structured? How will users find your web content? How we will get from today to launch? What's next once the content is "out there "? How do these recommendations impact our business? </li><li>WHAT DO YOU GET? </li><li>BIG RESULTS Better user experience Greater brand consistency New operational efficiencies Better risk management through better controls Improved SEO and analytics More effective personalization and targeting </li><li>WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE? </li><li>YOU ARE A PUBLISHER. </li><li>THE WORLD OF MARKETING </li><li>THIS IS ALL (web) CONTENT. </li><li>TREAT YOUR CONTENT LIKE A CRITICAL BUSINESS ASSET. </li><li>Thanks. E W T @halvorson </li><li>Resources CONTENT STRATEGY DELIVERABLES COMING SOON </li></ul>