Connecting an i pad to a projector 2013

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Here is some information connecting an Ipad to a Dukane projector.

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  • How can I connect my Ipad to a Data-video Projector ? RevisedOctober, 2013 Many people with Dukane projectors have asked : Is there a way to directly connect my Ipad to a data-video projector.? This is, of course, the generic name for projectors that many classrooms and training rooms have for displaying the screen on a computer to where everyone in a class or group can see it. The short answer: Yes. The follow up question: What do I need to do that? The Apple Store has 3 ways to do that. The first two involve an adapter, sometimes called a dongle. There are 2 Dongles, the VGA and HDMI version. There are links tor all three below to the Apple store. The text in black comes from the Apple store. VGA adapter
  • You will need a 15 pin Male to male VGA cable. That is the same cable that typically comes in the box with most projectors. There are exceptions, it seems to everything in life and most things with technology, and there are some non standard cables in use with various projectors. But the 15 pin male-to-male VGA cable has been a standard for almost 20 years now. For some projectors, that may have only a single VGA input, you may have to unplug an attached computer, or invest in an A-B Switch box. An A-B switchbox is very affordable. As with anything there are good, better and best. Most Dukane projectors (not all, but most) have two VGA inputs; so you can have a computer and Ipad attached, in that case, and simply use your projector remote to switch back and forth. HDMI Adapter Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter to mirror whatevers on your Ipad or iPhone 4S screen apps, presentations, websites, and more on your HDTV or HDMI-compatible display in up to 1080p HD (movies play at up to 720p). Watch slideshows and movies on the big screen in up to 720p by connecting your Ipad, iPhone 4,
  • or iPod touch (4th generation) to an HDTV or HDMI-compatible display. The Apple Digital AV Adapter routes digital audio to screens that support it. Connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to your Ipad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPod touch (4th generation) via the 30-pin dock connector and to your HDMI-compatible display using an HDMI cable (sold separately). A second 30-pin connector built into the AV adapter lets you charge and sync your device while its connected to your HDMI-compatible display. First of all, there may be those not familiar with the term HDMI. The acronym HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. You can read more about HDMI here: Simply put, it is new kind of Digital connection to go from a video source (a computer, an Ipad, a cable TV box) to a display device (a projector, or an LCD Monitor or TV. The good new for those acquiring a Dukane data-video projector is that ALL Dukane projectors that are currently available have an HDMI input and will work with an HDMI cable. That is NOT true of all projectors and particularly historic projectors including those sold by Dukane in the past. In the case of a projector with only the RGB input, you obviously would want to use the RGB adapter. There ARE RGB to HDMI converters, but since most projectors have RGB inputs that may not be an issue. With technology, as with medicine, it should be the first job of those offering advice to First, does no harm. Anyone who has a projector with HDMI and wants to use this adapter to talk to their manufacturer, or Apple representative, or both, before trying this HDMI adapter It also needs to be clear than with either the VGA dongle or the HDMI dongle you will need either a VGA cable or HDMI cable to go from the Dongle on the Ipad the projector or other output device(an LCD TV, for example).
  • NOTE: Apple has introduced a new Retina display Ipad and the Ipad Mini. Both of them use the new Lightning version of the Adapter. There is both an RGB and HDMI version. The Apple site has the specs and Q and A about these. Heres a tip. If you arent sure, take a digital camera or the camera on your phone and take a picture of the back of your projector and take that with you when you go to buy an adapter. How about 3rd party dongles? There is not at this time a trusted source for these other than Apple. This may change, but for now, both the wise and safe thing is to us an Apple approved product. Update on Apple Video AdaptersAs everyone knows by now, Apple introduced a new generation of Ipads. They also ceased Numbering the iPad models. The Ipads introduced after the IPad 2 require a new Lightning Adapter Here is where you can find the information, and reviews on the lighting adapters on the Apple Website Lighting Adapter-HDMI Lightning Adapter VGA Apple TV: A wireless connection
  • The Apple TV box will provide a wireless connect between an Ipad and a device such as an HDMI ready projector or LCD Monitor. There are three cautions to point out: 1-Not all Ipad apps are Airplay friendly. You have to check. That means they may not show up when you use an Apple TV. With a direct connection, whatever is on your Ipad is going to show up on the projector or LCD TV. 2-Since the Apple TV is on your network, and is dependent on the speed and reliability of your network, if you are in a school with dozens of Ipads, all hitting the network at the same time, this may affect the speed at which the Apple TV works. 3-If you plan to connect a projector to the Apple TV box, it only takes an HDMI connection. Since all current Dukane projectors have an HDMI port, they can be used with an Apple TV out of the box . However , a projector that only has RGB inputs would need an RBI-to HDMI converter box. Again, with this or any solution, youshould talk to your IT director, Ed Tech director, Apple Rep and projector vendor. And where you have all 4, talk to all of them. Are the dongles and wireless solutions ONLY available from Apple? As everyone knows, there is a booming market for Ipad accessories from third parties. So, yes, there are dongles and other video accessories available from a variety of sources. But once again, you put yourself out on a technology limb if you use an accessory that is not supported by both Apple and your projector vendor and blessed by your local tech people.
  • The goals of this document are to show : 1-That you Ipad CAN be used directly with a projector. 2-And provide info on HOW it could be done . Do these solutions apply to an LCD TV? That is another whole document of course, and there are so many models out there it is difficult to give a blanket yes. However, most LCD TVs sold in the last 5 years have RGB and HDMI inputs on it. I have used the direct connect dongle from the Ipad to the TV and it works to share the Ipad screen on the TV screen. Likewise I have an Apple TV box and it works with my Ipad 2. So based on that common experience it would appear that it does apply to those LCD TVs that have those inputs. With so many of these LCD TVs on the market it is difficult to say it applies to all. Cant I just use an App to mirror my Ipad? Keeping up with technology is like sipping from a firehouse. There are some apps that offer a mirror image, and some annotation capability on an Ipad. These generally require some software be installed on the host PC or Mac. The app then talks to the computer via Wi-Fi. Therefore how well such an app works will depend on several variables How good is the Wi-Fi in your Ipad? The Ipads after the Apple 2 have improved WI-FI built in. How good is the Wi-Fi connection and how much traffic is there on the network it attached to? A lot of data has to go back and forth between the computer and the Ipad for video mirroring.
  • Many show a significant lag. While it is hard to generalize, a direct connection between the Ipad and the video output device (Projector or LCD screen) as being fast and reliable. The dongle and cable will tether you somewhat, but with a long enough RGB or HDMI cable you will have a good range of motion. The Apple TV will make the airplay-compatible apps work wirelessly, but again, your Apple TV will be as good as the WI-FI connection and your overall network speed. Illustration : The projector shown below is one of more than 2 dozen different models offered by Dukane. With that said , the 8794H-RJ is a very affordable model and one that is currently widely used in classrooms and training rooms. Dukane is also the only manufacturer offering FIVE year warranty on most of their projectors. (Most other projectors have a 2 or 3 year warranty). This graphic is shown here simply to illustrate the inputs mentioned above (the 15 Pin VGA input port) .There are two such input ports on this projector, Labeled here Computer 1 and 2. The HDMI input needed for the HDMI Adapter and cable , or for use with the Apple TV is also shown.
  • The other inputs are not relevant to the use of an Ipad, unless you also want to send the audio from your Ipad, and there are audio input ports for that as well. You can find the full data sheet for the 8794H-RJ here: I just saw a projector advertised that says it is compatible with an Ipad and I wo