Connected Home for Connected People

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Results of a workshop at Google Zürich

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  • 1. Connected homes forconnected people workshopBeyond Home Automation: Using Technology to Change What We Mean By HomeJanuary 24, 2012 Workshop partner, design agency :Zrich
  • 2. 4 innovation territories and paths IP#2: Well-Tempered Presence IP#1: The Programmable, Domesticated Home IP#4: The Membrane IP#3: The 4D Window Another window on my world
  • 3. Components of the Connected Home Extra digital roomLocal network Data store Digital s;ckerBuilding wall OS @ home Sync dock Domes;c storePhysical & digital Propbox Rights management and sharing Residents public space Technicians network
  • 4. WORKSHOP : MAIN STEPSGOAL OF THE WORKSHOP :> transforming the innovation paths developed bythe FING into product / service offers> a dozen representatives from various companies worktogether to unite their various fields of expertises
  • 5. Introduction
  • 6. The participants split into 3groups to explore the followingthemes :- well tempered presence- programmable home- 4D window
  • 7. Using inspiration cards,the groups start tobrainstorm
  • 8. note down andshare their ideas
  • 9. Using the criteria card, each groupselects their 2 best project ideas
  • 10. which they prototype using Legos !
  • 11. Groups interchange tooutline the mainprojects feasibility
  • 12. Each group presents its results
  • 13. Final conclusions by Google & FING
  • 14. SELECTEDPROJECT 1The well-tempered presence: Social Scales
  • 15. So cial Scales and easily manage our visibilityWhen at home, how can we ers , wit hin our var iou s How does it work? our ava ilab ility fro m oth w were at home, who relationship circles? Who can kno ? How can I be notified Social Scales are can reach us there, and how smart boxes, conn bers are in or out of home? internet, at home. ected to the when other houshehold mem Th How can I also control the other flows that intend to profiles on social ese boxes have access to your a networks, on skyp services, physical mails, dat mobile phone. e, or to your enter our home: deliveries, ele ctro nic by our my riad pro duc ed and rec eiv ed devices? Boxes include scal es and small cam can recognize an eras, so that they any identify objects pe l boxes, where you can put after they have be ople put in themSocial Scales are smart physica r availability en taught to do it. municate you Social boxes are kind of object in order to com to manage all able to link one object to on to your differe nt relationship circles, and circle of people. e person, or to a e is to make it easier to kinds of flows. Their purpos When an object is placed in the box you want to say youre def ine presence settings. When Social Scales upda or tes your status an removed from it, put an object representing available for someone, you and lets the person (s) represented by d your availability stands for one person, one him/her in a box. Each object the object know. ship circle. You want to use organization, or one relation Boxes can be purc e? Just teach the box what ha users, or provided sed and programmed by their a doll to represent your niec by vendors. Stores gine other kinds of actions the doll means. You can ima where consumers can provide boxes ge of possibilities is huge, place objects that related to presence: the ran r products they wish represent the itive. To order milk from you to order. The Post and all actions are very intu smart PostBox that office can build a grocery store, just place a milk bottle into the right box parcels are expect knows whether ou tgoing mail or ing the postman and l to manage your presence Social Scales are a great too