Coffee and Commerce: Integrate Content to Bring Your Brand to Life

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  • 1. Coee and Commerce: Integrate Content to Bring Your Brand to Life Kelly ONeill, Sr. Director, Commerce Jess Iandiorio, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

2. Agenda 1. What happens when content & commerce experiences are separate? 2. How does the experience change when theres seamless integration? 3. 5 strategies for closing the content & commerce integration Gap 4. How can Drupal help? 3. A Christmas Story... 4. A Christmas Story...My Needs Inspiration Education Guidance Selection Assurance Consistency 5. A Christmas Story...My Needs Inspiration Education Guidance Selection Assurance Consistency All at the point of purchase& Now! 6. Conicting Forces Convergence Digital & Physical Marketing & Merchandising Content & CommerceSpeed of business Always connected consumers Real-time decisioning Same day delivery 7. Creating Competing Needs Shopping Experience ManagementCommerce Operations 8. The Result 9. The Result 10. The Result 11. Commerce Realities You need to deliver a better experience You have investments and systems in place across your ecosystem Wholesale change is not a reality A new, phased approach is required 12. European rail pass company owned by 30 European train operators Annual revenues 650M Site launched mid 2013, serves 25K+ visitors each day 13. Research, shop, plan and share Explore any country across Europe Easily share planning with friends & family 14. Easily compare travel packages across family, days & locations Find the best and click through to complete your transaction 15. Forresters Recommendations Many of the companies we spoke with told us that they plan to have the WCM platform eventually lead the entire end-to-end digital experience, with the commerce platform acting as a service layer making strategic bets on future mergers, partnerships, or promised product road maps is fraught with risk. Base your decisions on the solutions available in the market today, and dont be afraid to mix and match best-of-breed solutions from different camps. 16. Acquias Recommendations Organize for success Create your brand magazine Develop your commerce roadmap Move at the speed of commerce Empower your customers Embrace your community Customersand developers 17. 5 Strategies for Integration #1 Reorg for SuccessEvangelismBrand OwnedBrand InuencedCustomer JourneyBrand BuildingMerchandisingRetail Acquisition LegacyDiscoveryPurchaseInvestigationRetail Acquisition TodayBrand Owned 18. 5 Strategies for Integration #1 Reorg for SuccessEvangelismWeb Manager: Select and implement tech to meet requirementsBrand Awareness Marketer: Get customers to the site Interest Merchandisers: Convert prospective customers to customers and brand evangelistsDiscoveryCustomer JourneyPurchaseDigital Experience Manager: Provide an InvestigationResearchintegrated digitalexperiencePurchaseacross all aspects of the customerRetail AcquisitionEvangelismLegacyTodayjourney 19. 5 Strategies for Integration #2 Hire like youre a publisher The Internet requires every become a publisher. Content is the currency within our social Web, Rachel Tipograph, Gap director of global digital and social media. Source: brands/ sociomantic-retailers-aspublishers/ 20. 5 Strategies for Integration #3 Invest in tech that breaks content silos 21. 5 Strategies for Integration#4 Adopt Agile development practicesTodays requirementsLegacy Approach1. Limited exibility 2. High total cost of ownership 3. Poor, inadequate functionality 4. Inability to quickly innovate1. Agile & iterative 2. Cloud-enabled, low TCO, test before invest 3. Able to stay current with functional requirements 4. Fast time-to-marketRequirementsDesign & Architecture Requirements Development & Coding Quality Assurance & Software TestingDesign & ArchitectureTest & FeedbackImplementationMaintenance & SupportDevelopment 22. 5 Strategies for Integration#5 Let your brand advocates tell the world 23. Drupal A community of 1M+ users & developers Enterprise standard hosting with integrations to legacy platforms Decoupled content creation & presentation Integrated platform for Content, Community & Commerce 24. Acquia Commerce Cloud!Move quickly and test before you invest.Build on the most secure, reliable, and scalable Drupal-tuned platform.Consistency across devices, channels, and the next social craze. 25. Acquia Commerce Cloud! Create the most content-rich, socially immersive, and rewarding shopping experiences to build brand love. 26. The Best Development Platform! The leading continuous integration development platform Speed time-to-market with features like integration with code repositories, automated deployment, and automated tests to ensure code quality 27. Application Assurance! Ensure application quality across performance, security, and Drupal best practices Optimize launch success by eliminating risk 28. Uptime Assurance!When downtime is measured in dollars, Acquia offers multiregion failover to provide disaster recovery-as-a-service. 29. The best hosting service ! for Commerce! We work 24x7 so you dont have to Ensure dollars with the most secure, highly performing, and reliable hosting serviceGuaranteed UptimeCertified security and complianceGlobal footprintData AssuranceElastic, resilient resources that respond to demandThe most secure Drupal-tuned platform availableWe work 24x7 so you dont have to For both application & infrastructureNightly backups and 4 hour DR snapshots 30. Thank you! Kelly ONeill: Jess Iandiorio: jess.iandiorio@acquia.comFor more information: