Cloudian HyperStore 'Forever Live' Storage Platform

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Introduction to HyperStore forever live Storage

Hello thank you for joining the introduction to hyperstpre forever live storage. 1

Few RealizationsTraditional Object Storage Systems are Risky, Wasteful & InefficientNeed a storage platform with faster innovation & upgrade cycles.

Server Appliance outages results in Data migration, Data Rebuilds and increased risk due to reduced protection levels

Customers & storage are not able to adapt to faster innovation cycles (eg Faster CPUs, Denser Disks, Cheaper RAM)

wantd to build something new that addressed these issues and still kept scalable, efficient and cost effective2

What is forever live vision

Add Features

Add CapacityAdd NodesUpgrade NodeAdd CapacityAdd Features

Add Capacity

Deploy Once Upgrade without downtime10+ year lifespan

Design Goals2134High Density to reduce datacenter footprint.Hot Swap Everything for operational efficiency.Minimize Failure Domains to reduce data migrations.Reduce Power & Cooling to reduce energy costs.5Future Proof Platform that customer can upgrade.

So we stared looking into this and we narrowed it down to 5 design goals we wanted to achieve4

HyperStore forever live Experience

Modular PlatformSoftware Defined InnovationAlways On

New Features AnnuallyNew Qualified Hardware AnnuallyDeploy Once,Swap Modules as NeededNo Downtime, No Data Migration

So we built modular platform thats paired with software innovation which when deployed together Provided always on5

Introducing FL3000 Platform

So today we are here to introduce you all our new flagship product FL3000.that is the netxt generation smart data platform6

FL3000 Platform InnovationModular Chassis Design

Separation of Compute & StorageOptimized for DensitySimple to Scale

So what is7

FL3000 Modular Chassis

Node Server ChassisFor Serving DataDisk Shelf ChassisFor Storing Data

Talk modularity8

Extreme Modularity

Replace/Upgrade components with ZERO DOWNTIME

Talk repalcability9

Optimized for Density

Upto8 Servers in 3UUpto480TB in 4UNode Server ChassisDisk Shelf

Talk density10

Why Density MattersUpto60% LESSLess Cables, Ports & SwitchesUpto25% LESSLess Power Cooling CostUpto50% LESSRackspace

Drastically Reduce Complexity & Operational Costs

Why density matters11

Simple to Scale


Node Modular ChassisNode are individual servers and does NOT use any active switching backplane like the blade servers

Lets dive deeper13

FL3000 Node

Easy to Replace & Easy to UpgradeStateless Architecture


FL3000 Disk Shelves


Smaller Storage Failure Domains

+Node : Disk Ratio1:30

+Node : Disk Ratio1:15

2 Options to choose from based on your needs.

Simple Turnkey Solution

and finally FL innovation is not complete until its paired with HyperStore and its simple manageability.17

Real Life 1PB Comparison

RUsServersPower SuppliesFansNetwork PortsL2 SwitchesCables6030602409041503012165636264FL30002 uNode chassis6 Disk shelves2U ServerWith 12 HDDs Assumptions : 1PB Usable, 1800 Raw, using 5TB, Drives and 4+2 EC Protection schemeLess Components = More Reliability & Efficiency

Lets look at at a scale out design based on standard 2U servers. If you look at the data you can quickly see considerable savings in this example. You can see 1/3 x y z 18

HyperStore forever live Experience

Modular PlatformSoftware Defined InnovationAlways On

New Features AnnuallyNew Qualified Hardware AnnuallyDeploy Once, Swap Modules as Needed

No Downtime, No Data Migration

We hope today we showed you what a forever live storage looks like and how it an save you not just money but also time and energy when you consider building your next storage platform.

As you walk in you DC passing you traditional storage just imagine what life could be like with fl300019

Thank You