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Cloud connected cross platform apps in visual studio

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Text of Cloud connected cross platform apps in visual studio

  • 1.Building Cloud Connected Cross-Platform Apps in Visual Studio James MontemagnoXamarin Developer Evangelist @JamesMontemagno

2. Productive environment Shared code High performance 3. The best language for Windows development. Modern Features Advanced Tools Proven Libraries Large Community Statically Typed 4. + Xamarin makes C# the best language for mobile development. Native Code Generation Platform API Bindings Code Sharing Visual Studio 5. Xamarin embraced and extended .NET 6. .NET Rocks! Roadshow 2013 7. Demo 8. Cross Platform Cloud Service Azure Mobile Service Cross Platform NuGet Support PCL Support 9. Cloud Made Easy OAuth Twitter Facebook Microsoft Account Google CustomLook and Feel of Each Platform Easy Implementation 10. Client Synchronization 11. Lets Do It

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