Client ecosystem for Windows Azure Media Services

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This is the slide deck for Client Ecosystem for Windows Azure Media Services. In this presentation, it introduces a few client SDKs/player framework that helps developer to deliver media applications onto different platform/devices easily. Check out this presentation if you need to build applications on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows 8, Xbox, Windows Phone, TV set up box and etc.


  • 1. Overview and BackgroundReach Story w/ SDKs and Player FrameworksWindows 8XBOXFlash and SilverlightSmooth Streaming Porting KitiOSQuestions

2. Household WWOWN AT LEAST ONE CONNECTED TVSMARTPHONESTABLETSMULTITASK WHILE WATCHING TVMOBILE CONNECTED DEVICES by 3. 99% BROWSER NO PLUGINon DESKTOPSand LAPTOPSPROGRESSIVE DOWNLOADADAPTIVE STREAMING There is an app for it 4. format agnostic Smooth Streaming mpeg-DASH Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming Apple HTTP Live Streaming Progressive Downloadprotocol agnostic HTTP RTMPDRM agnostic PlayReady Adobe Access 5. Private 6. SMOOTH SMOOTHSMOOTHSMOOTHHLS 8SMOOTH SMOOTH Porting Kit 7. link 8. Closed captioning Trick PlayOffline AdvertisingPlayer stylingAACH.264Smooth Streaming (VOD and live)Dolby Digital+Progressive VideoDVR controlsLogging Multiple Audio MPEG-DASHPlayReady DRM Analytics 9. 10. Playback Smooth Streaming / mpeg-DASHMonetization w/ Advertising & AnalyticsPlayReady protectionPlayer FrameworkCaptions, Multi-Lang Audio, etc.Recently shipped 2.0 for browser 11. OSMF Plug-inPlayback of Smooth Streaming / mpeg-DASHAdobe Access decryptionMonetization w/ Advertising & AnalyticsCaptions, Multi-Lang Audio, etc.Coming soon 12. 13. sspkinfo@microsoft.com 14. 15. 16. iOS Smooth Streaming / Apple HLS SilverlightSmooth Streaming Player Framework Player Frameworks for both Client SDK Client SDK WinPhone Smooth StreamingWindows 8 Smooth Streaming Player Framework Client SDK Player Framework Client SDK Android Smooth Streaming / Apple HLS Partner SDKs and Frameworks XBOXSmooth Streaming Player Framework HTML 5Progressive Download Client SDK Player FrameworkFlashSmooth Streaming / Adobe HDSTV / STBsSmooth Streaming / others OSMF integration Smooth Streaming Porting Kit Partner integrations


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