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  • 1. DECON1 RESPONSE PHASE DECONTAMINATION 1997 Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation

2. Decontamination Reduction of contamination Eliminating, or reducing, harmful effects DECON2 3. Any Method Based On Principles Destroy agent through chemical change Remove agent Physically shield agent DECON3 4. Need for Decon Except for decon of people, extensive decon not required for most chemical agent release scenarios Only liquid releases (including droplets and aerosols) pose risk of significant environmental contamination Because agent in liquid form settles out of air relatively quickly, contamination generally confined to short distance from point of release Off-post contamination presents significant risk to public only in event of very large liquid release in airlow probability of occurrence DECON4 5. Appendix L, CSEPP Planning Guidance Provides standards on how to plan for decon in event of significant chemical agent release Addresses priorities and procedures for decon planning DECON5 6. Appendix L, CSEPP Planning Guidance DECON6

  • Does not provide policy on specific identification of sites or areas that may require decon capability or provision of resources to those that do
  • Those policies and guidelines may be affected by results of ongoing studies regarding liquid agent deposition

7. Do it fast Do it right DECON7 With chemical agents ... ... must remove victim fromthe agent source ... must remove agent fromcontaminated personnel 8. How To Decon CAUTION:Do not use bleach solution in, oraround, the eyes;use plain water instead DECON8

  • Agent toxicity destroyed by contact with undiluted household bleach (neutralizes agent)
  • 1 gallon of bleach needed per person, on average
  • Rinse person with clean water

BLEACH 9. When and Where To Decon DECON9 Primarily at location where exposure occurred(Self and Buddy Decon) Also At established Decon Stations When Emergency Medical Personnel treat exposed persons 10. Priorities for Decontamination of People DECON10

  • 1.Known or suspected of being contaminated and
    • requiring prompt medical attention
  • 2.Exhibiting signs/symptoms of agent exposure
  • 3.Known to be contaminated but not exhibiting
  • signs/symptoms and not urgently in need of
  • medical attention
  • 4.Suspected of being contaminated but showing
  • no signs of agent toxicity

11. Handling Contaminated Articles Must handle safely to avoid further contamination Must provide means to store and disposeof contaminated materials Bag and seal personal belongings, label withpersons name and other identification and storefor later disposition DECON11 12. Key Points Decontamination must be done immediatelyand must be done right Most likely place to perform decon of peopleis at location where exposure occurred often self and buddy decon Household bleach is recommended solution forremoving and neutralizing nerve/blister agent Blot, don't wipe; get crevices well; rinse with waterafterwards Don't use bleach in and around eyes DECON12 13. SELF AND BUDDY DECONTAMINATION DECON15 14. Self And Buddy Decon

  • Objectives:
  • Define decontaminationstorage of personal belongings and items such as wigs, toupees, hearing aids, eyeglasses and artificial limbs

DECON16 15. Why Self and Buddy Decon

  • Person decons him/herself or teams up with another and the two decon each other
  • Buddy Decon is besteasier and allows for more thorough rinsing of places that are difficult to reach (back, buttocks, back of legs)
  • Dont wait to be officially decontaminated by special decon personnel

DECON17 16. Self and Buddy Decon Procedures

  • Begin immediately by removing all clothing
  • Cut off clothing normally removed over head
  • Remove eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • If eyeglasses needed to evacuate, soak in bleach
  • 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with plain water

DECON18 17. Remove Extraneous Items DECON18A

  • Remove extraneous items
  • from contact with
  • skin (wigs, toupees, hearing
  • aids, artificial limbs)
  • If artificial limb required to safely evacuate,
  • remove it, wipe it down with bleach, allow
  • to air for 5 minutes or longer, rinse with
  • clean water, and reattach
  • Bag artificial limbs not needed for evacuation
  • Carry those bagged to decon station


  • Flush eyes with lots of plain water
  • Wash face and hair with warm soapy water;
  • rinse with plain lukewarm water
  • After washing with bleach, rinse with lots of water

Self and Buddy Decon Procedures DECON19 19. DECON20 Self and Buddy Decon Procedures

  • Put on fresh clothing
  • Bag contaminated articles. Bring bag with
  • critical items such as eyeglasses or artificial
  • limbs to decon station
  • Proceed to nearest decon station

J. Doe 213-45- 1422 20. Materials And Supplies

  • Liquid household bleach (undiluted)
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Cloths
  • Plastic buckets
  • Polyvinylchloride bags
  • Clean clothes
  • Optional
  • Contact lens removers

DECON21 21. Decontamination StationOperations DECON25 22. Decontamination Station Operations

  • Objectives:
  • Define decontamination

DECON26 23. DECON27 Decontamination Station Operations

  • Objectives:
  • Demonstrate collection and storage of personal belongings and external items such as wigs, toupees, hearing aids, eyeglasses and artificial limbs
  • Demonstrate collection and disposal of contaminated waste including
    • used decon solutions
    • rinse water


  • Must provide
  • Visual screening without restricting flow of fresh air
  • Adequate showers
  • Adequate water supply
  • Adequate electricity supply
  • Adequate collection and containment of used decon solutions, rinse water, and other contaminated wastes

Decon Facility DECON28 25. Decon Station Personnel

  • Decon station personnel should be trained, equipped, and clothed to safely decon any person suspected of being contaminated before assisting in the decon facility
  • Protective clothing and equipment should be approved for use with chemical agents

DECON29 26. Decon Station Procedures

  • Persons should go through decon station even if they have performed self or buddy decon
  • Most can go through decon sequence with minimal assistance from Attendants
  • Those impaired by agent exposure, injury, poor health, or other handicaps may require assistance or special equipment (mesh stretcher for injured, boatswains chair for wheelchair users)

DECON30 27.

  • Males and females should enter separate deconfacilities, if possible
  • Young children should be permitted to
  • accompany parent of either sex
  • Decontamination should be performed according
  • to priorities listed

DECON31 Decon Station Procedures 1. 28.

  • Collect personal property such as billfolds and
  • items such as wigs, hearing aids, and artificial
  • limbs
  • Remove all clothing.Any clothing normallyremoved over the head should be cut off
  • Attendants should bag and seal items in
  • agent-impermeable bag, label with
  • persons name and identification, and
  • place in secure storage for later
  • disposition

DECON32 Decon Station Procedures 2. J. Doe 213-45- 1422 29.

  • Remove potentially contaminated eyeglasses and
  • contact lenses
  • Interview or evaluate wearer to determine if wearer has been in agent-contaminated area

Decon Station Procedures DECON33 3. 30.

  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses will be
  • removed and handled according to following
  • procedures:
    • Decon hands before removing contact lenses.Use contact lens removers if available
    • Collect contact lenses for later disposal.Do not decon contact lenses
    • Expediently decon eyeglasses in metal frames by
    • soaking for 5 min in undiluted household bleach
    • and rinsing thoroughly
    • Eyeglasses in plastic/composite frames should be placed in gent-impermeable bag labeled with persons name and id number for later disposition

Decon Station Procedures DECON34 31.

  • NOTE:If eyeglass wearers would be significantly impaired without corrective lenses,remove lensesfrom porous frames as time permits, decon lenses, remount in uncontamina