Citrix Synergy 2014 - Syn230 Building successful clouds based on citrix consulting methodology

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SYN230 Building successful clouds based on Citrix Consulting methodologyPriyadarshan KetkarSr. Cloud Architect, Worldwide Cloud ServicesBusiness, Technical and Operation Success for the Cloud

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#

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About PriyaWorldwide Cloud Services teamGo-To-Market and cloud strategy since 2008.Previously, Savvis Symphony VPDCConnect on Twitter @cloudmight

2014 Citrix. Confidential.# 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#250+ Large Scale Production CloudsIn DeploymentProduction siteswith over40,000+Servers per Region

Service Providers | Telcos

Web 2.0

Enterprise | Education | Government

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Here is a quick look at a few of the customers who are running Citrix cloud offerings today in their environment, BT and TaTa on the public cloud front, Spotify and are some of our web 2.0s and weve seen a lot of growth in the enterprise and education market over the last year with the likes of Nokia and Autodesk.4 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Citrix Consulting Services Methodology2Assess4Deploy3Design5Monitor1Define 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#A key element in the success of Citrix Consulting is the proven methodology which takes each project through the critical steps from inception through operations. Our approach focuses on ensuring that projects are properly planned and designed before implementation begins, so that the end project minimizes your risk and delivers maximum business impact.

Define: Citrix Consulting can assist in the definition of the strategy that will help your business take full advantage of virtualization and cloud technologies through:Solution developmentRoadmap initiatives and strategic planningHardware and storage estimationPrioritization.

Asses: Think of the center of our diagram as the heart of your project. During the Assess phase, Citrix Consulting reviews your current environment, identifies use cases, and gathers detailed requirements for your project. This information allows us to elaborate on the project success criteria and set goals for your Citrix deployment, upgrade, or expansion.

Design: The design phase defines the architecture and operational processes required to implement and maintain the production environment that will meet and hopefully exceed your success criteria. Topics such as environment scalability, redundancy and high availability are addressed. Citrix Consulting will apply best practices for performance tuning to help your environment perform at its best. That means that your environment is rigorously tested during this phase to make sure your deployment runs smoothly.

Monitor: Citrix Consulting can be engaged to perform continued monitoring and administrative tasks in several different capacities for the long-term health of your Citrix environment. We have the experience to keep your environment stable and your users happy with onsite and remote delivery capabilities.

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Are you ready to Launch?Cloud Architecture Lifecycle The Bigger Picture 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Architecture LifecycleSustainArchitectImplementI quattro libri dell'architettura, Andrea PalladioDeployComputeNetworkStorageApplications

CapacityAvailabilityScalabilityPerformanceSecurityCloud Services

Design 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Here we have the architecture lifecycle process that many of you probably follow for new services delivery.

>>We start with Architecture Requirements aka Utilitas, the clients need for structure. These requirements can be for a new service, service upgrade, process related, or infrastructure related. Key considerations for the architecture would be the Cloud Offerings and all the standard architecture methodology to include >>Capacity>>Availability>>Scalability >>Performance/Efficiency>>Security

>>We apply the architecture methodology to create the >>Design aka Venustas, the design arranged to meet functional needs

>>Then we apply our implementation Standards aka Firmitas, materials and logistics of construction to >>deliver the structure

>>After deployment we conduct sustaining operations for an enduring structure

>>At each part of the lifecycle we apply well defined >>business, >>technology, and >>operations criteria for a successful cloud implementation

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Sample Cloud ServicesInternally HostedOn premiseSpecializedWorkloadsGeneralWorkloadsOff-premiseExternally HostedCustomerPoint Of ViewCloud-eraBootStrappedCustomTraditionalPrivate IaaS, STaaS, Any-Any

Public IaaS, STaaS, Any-Any


Bare Metal

SaaSPaaSDesktopsAppsPaaSBare Metal


2014 Citrix. Confidential.#X-axis identifies the type of workloadY-axis is placement of InfrastructureWorkload TypesCloud-era is fail fast applicationsTraditional is N-Tier Bootstrapped can be DaaS, SaaS Custom can be bare-metalMultiple Hybrid DesignsTypical Cloud Services illustrated

Stake your organizations cloud positioning. The cloud Positioning will create emphasis on different success criteria. Its IMPORTANT to establish a proper perspective/point-of-view to this graph. >>Enterprise customers need to view this graph as if they were delivering cloud services as a Service provider to the internal organizationService Providers need to view this graph as if they were delivering commercial cloud services to external organizationsBe careful not to confuse multiple points-of-view for the same responses as the interpretation will be misleading.

>>Workloads to the left of Y-axis may be traditional N-Tier applications migrated to cloud OR redeveloped applications to take advantage of elasticity/elastic scale/fail-fast >>Workloads to the right of Y-axis may be elastic scaled single purpose application (e-commerce site) or enterprise SaaS type applicationEnterprises will be below the X-axis for Internally hosted Private Clouds. Custom may be a PaaS in bare metal cases

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Success LayersBusiness, Technology and Operations LayersTimeResourcesGuidanceHandoffOperationsTechnologyBusiness 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#The three tracks Business, Operations, and Technology overlay and interact with each other during the life of the project. The oculus of the project moves from one layer to the next as the project matures over timeSuccessful cloud projects have well defined criteria in their respective layers>>Business Layer criteria applies to the provider organization (Enterprise or Service Provider) and covers subscriber interaction with the cloud offering. >>Technology Layer criteria cover all aspects of the Infrastructure/Software/services required to build and enable the cloud platform>>Operational Layer criteria cover all aspects of the ongoing health, autonomic management and operations interactions with the cloud technology and business process

Lightning bolts represent ideas or objectives Connectors represent guidance from one layer to anotherTriangles represent requirements handoff from one layer to another

For the purposes of this talk we will focus on the Enterprise

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Business LayerFocus on Business Goals / Objectives / Use CasesResourcesTimeCloud Services


Self Service


Service Catalog


2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Industrial policyThe Business Layer focus is on objectives and goals specifically around subscriber interaction with the cloud offering.>>These are sample considerations for the business layerThere can be multiple Service(s) catalog since the enterprise will want to merchandise multiple cloud services includingInfrastructure as a ServiceDesktops as a ServiceStorage as a ServiceNetwork as a ServicePlatform as a ServiceOperations as a Service..IT or completely Self-serviceUse CasesCloud user experienceCloud ServicesIaaS / DaaS / PaaS / STaaS / *aaSROI / MonetizationChargeback / Showback / Credit/Debit CardAccount and User lifecycleSelf/Assisted SignupResource Sharing ModelCloud Management Access *IaaSCloud Workload/Apps Access *DaaSProduct ManagementService(s) OfferingsService(s) CatalogIntegrationsHelp DeskAuthenticationBilling SystemsCustom WorkflowsReporting

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Business Layer Best PracticesThree to Five Customer Value goals -> use casesInvolve customers early in Beta program Design back office integrations early Phased approach to ImplementationDo not create dependencies based on product futures/roadmapHave a plan for running on your ownBusiness

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#These are the best practices we see in citrix cloud services consulting. Three to Five Customer Value goals -> use casesInvolve customers early in Beta preview program -> validate cloud offeringConsider back office integrations early (AD Integration, Invoicing, )Phased approach to Implementation (Features, Infrastructure, Operations)Do not create dependencies to first launch based on product futures/roadmapHave a plan for running on your own -> avoid lengthy services engagement

Business requirements are clearly articulated to Technology team

2014 Citrix. Confidential.#Technology LayerTransforming from Infrastructure to On-Demand Cloud servicesTimeResourcesDeliveryAccessAbstraction

AutomationControlInfrastructure 2014 Citrix. Confidential.#The Technology layer presents the most skill for IT and can present the most challenges for transforma