Ciklum Seminar Zurich Oct 30, 2013 Vladimir Gorshunov, Ciklum Minsk

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With 11+ years of cumulative experiences gained from working with over 200 nearshore clients, Ciklum’s Consulting Office is able to „inject“ proven best practices in client teams and guarantee their success. The most critical phases are recruiting, processes setup, team ramp-up, communication and daily work practices.

Text of Ciklum Seminar Zurich Oct 30, 2013 Vladimir Gorshunov, Ciklum Minsk

  • 1. How do you get distance to disappear? Distributed Teams Management 30 Oct 2013

2. Agenda Ciklum Consulting Introduction Distributed teams: the Challenge Tools and processes for productivity Agile PM - Ciklums solution for Distributed team setup Ciklum Consulting Office Framework: Added Value Q& 3. Ciklum Consulting Office ... is an excellence center for Agile Methods within Ciklum Access to 200+ Teams, 75% of which are practicing Scrum and other Agile Methods Successful record in Scrum training & implementation, transition from ad-hoc or Waterfall methods to Agile Ongoing Agile/Scrum coaching programs Proprietary Comparative Agility Measurement System (CAMS) with a database of 70+ Ciklum Agile teams Public speakers and acknowledged Agile gurus within the IT community in Ukraine, Belarus and 4. IntroductionVladimir Gorshunov Ciklum Senior Consultant / Location Lead in MinskCertified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Professional, Certified ICAgile ProfessionalApproved ICAgile TrainerAgile Project Manager/Program Manager and CoachVladimir has more than 11 years in software development and for 5 years he is building efficient distributed agile teams, which are able to deliver business value on-time and on-target using best industry practices. Vladimir expert with Java technical background and has been involved in different projects from the variety of business domains (Banking Solutions, Mobile Development, High Loading Computation, Payment Systems, Customer Experience Management, Government Systems, etc.) 5. Why to distribute development? 6. Distributed teams: kinds and flavors 1. Isolated Setup CHPOSMPOTeamSM UA/BYTeamAdvantages: Should-be-working solution for isolated projects/parts Trial solution if working could be integrated into organization Great if you have isolated projectsPossible issues: Us-them problem Integration hell No big picture/commitment 7. Distributed teams: kinds and flavors 2. Integrated Setup CHPO POTeamSM UA/BYSMTeamIntegrateAdvantages: Scrum of Scrum: who & how Recognizes there is a link Possible issues: Still considered as 2 teams CH & UA/BY Therefore not that much flexibility Us-them problem 8. Distributed teams: kinds and flavors 3. Fully Integrated SetupPO POCH SMTeam TeamUA/BYSMAdvantages: Mixed team of local and remote people One team feeling Maximized communication & collaboration Possible issues: Additional investments into communication & collaboration Traveling plan? 9. Distributed teams: kinds and flavors 1. Isolated Setup CHPOSMPOTeam2. Integrated SetupPO PO3. Fully Integrated SetupPO POSM TeamSM Team TeamSM UA/BYSMTeamTeamIntegrateSM 10. Case: Start to get the maximum value 2+3. Integrated SetupPOSMCH Team Hire people (with Ciklum) Bring them locally to integrate Optimize the whole Learn from Ciklum Consultants how to make it work (acquire best practices) UA/BYextension Send people back home (maybe with some local developers) Hire more & split3. Fully Integrated SetupPO PO SM Team TeamSM 11. QuestionWhat tools and processes can be used to maximize productivity in a real life pragmatic environment? 12. Tools and processes for productivitylack of Visibility creates loads of space forAssumptions When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. ~ Oscar Wilde on Assumption 13. Tools and processes for productivityKey Success Factor:Make things Visible Bring subject to discussion 14. Tools and processes for productivityWhat exactly we need to visualize? Vision Backlogs (product, sprint, technical debt, etc ) Agile boards with tickets/stories Burn-downs, burn-ups Product/project roadmaps, release burndown Retrospective results Product (add-value) increment 15. Tools and processes for productivityWhat tools should be used for that?But make sure it is integrated !!!! 16. One of the possible 17. One of the possible 18. One of the possible 19. One of the possible 20. Ciklum solution for distributed teamsRule: There must be contact points on both sides who wants to build this team, succeed with this team, drive it to success! Solution from Ciklum: AgilePM 21. Ciklum solution - Agile PM Where the focus is The Dedicated Development TeamProduct OwnerAgile PM Agile PM Agile PMAgile PMClientCiklumFocus on: Consulting OfficeProcess & Tools Transparency Communication Removing impediments CoachingAccess to: Consulting Office knowledgebase 200+ teams practical experience CO Technical 22. Agile PM Value Value Mature and self-organized team. Gets the team up to speed. Efficient development process. Eliminates impediments and works with risks. Secure project success. Good estimation and transparency. Delivery on time. Business 23. Consulting Framework: Extra 24. Q&AWe would be glad to answer your questions! Vladimir Gorshunov Senior Technical Consultant Consulting Office Location Lead Ciklum Consulting Office M +375 29 601 33 44 E W S