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  • 1. Frictionless Sharing in Facebook Ads:Beyond Analytics to Actionable IntelligenceChase McMichael CEO @chasemcmichael @infinigraph #allfacebookconf

2. Life is not about being likedits about being effective@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 3. Quick Poll Who has done FB Ads?Active with Content Marketing? 4. Social By Design Content isnt king, CONVERSATION is!@chasemcmichel @infinigraph # allfacebookconf 5. some content is more interesting than other content.Do you know whats important to your customer? 6. Were drinking from the social media fire hose.Content insight involves a staggering amount of data:3.2 billion pieces of content are shared each week between a billion + consumers.How do you make sense of all this data? Big Data is Big Opportunity 7. Its not information overload. Its filter failure. Clay Shirky@chasemcmichel @infinigraph # allfacebookconf 8. What is Engagement Intelligence?Pro ActiveEngagement Intelligence is:Deriving relevance from consumeractions around content across thesocial graph to find trends. 9. Large Scale Industry InsightsWho is driving the greatest engagement in your business.What content is working and why? 10. Content, Targeting and Timing arethe elements of frictionless ads @chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf10 11. Content Trends What are trends?Whats All brands have some sort of fanrelevant?interaction on their content. All industry grouping gives usinsights into who is performing thebest. Combining the brand and theindustry represents the trends incontent preference.8 12. Curation is Key Must know whats workingDont be closed to different content brands are less attractive if they are@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 13. Trend Identification - Hypercuration Example: Real-Time trending content from 25 retail brands in one view. Know what your audience is resonating around.13 14. Can you see the advantages ofunderstanding what your audience is into? 15. 15 16. Content Identification16 17. 17 18. Whats Working@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 19. Do you see how brands can bemore engaged when they know whats trending? 20. Ads In My News FeedMust work in your feed first it wont work in an ad!@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 21. Dose this work - SortaIts about the content dont push crap test it first@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebook 22. When an Ad Dont Look Like an Ad@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 23. Amplify What Trends Each Like Each CommentEach Share23 24. Facebook Testing In Ad ShareGet off the platforms over a Facebook Pintereststrategy - think of an amazing strategy. Thinkbigger@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 25. Its the Fan Engagement, Stupid FB ads suck if you dont have the right content@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 26. Did Comscore Get it Right?Social Media is not a campaign, its part of a strategy to build relationship@chasemcmichel @infinigraph #allfacebookconf 27. Measure Content Relevance - What other brands your audience is intoTrend Score Gives real time access to whatcontent is workingSingle brand view of trends and consumer affinities 28. Take Away Content Marketing Requires Insight, Identify What Works Time your ads like you time content posts - by day of week Target to those that have matched affinities. Think sharablity does this content have currency28 29. Chase McMichael CEO@chasemcmichael @infinigraph